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Ill bite... What is your last comment on the Star Wars Franchise...
I will also, while I have you on the DM thing, admit that I was one that just new for sure Brazil would be around to help us celebrate the 50th.... I don't know how you new it would never happen, but it seems as if you were right. (takes small bite of crow)
Have a great and safe day!
As far as the Epcot pavilion goes...it’s just my belief that the sponsorship model is broken.

We’ve been through this - over and over again - “it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen...it doesn’t happen”
The sponsorship deal is never a value to the company. That’s why it never worked.
That’s not a country Disney would be keen to make accommodations for...they’d have to have their socks knocked to move forward.
I do not think your wrong... I just felt that they had the deal done (and may have) but, as evidence by this pandemic thing, things do change...
Thanks for the banter..
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