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I also saw that Disney is also going to be at a job fair the end of July at Amway Center
Really?? Oh gosh, but hopefully Casting can find out why they didn’t send me the monthly email. I can imagine those job fairs being so packed and crazy.
I would call castings they can help you
find out why you didn’t get any emails Last time I went to the job fair at Amway Center it was a waste of time they had nothing available except housekeeping and now on Disney castings site everyone is complaining there not getting any hours
I called, they said I’m still active on the waitlist and all looked well. The representative also said I should get an email soon. I found it odd, but it’s fine. No point in getting anxious over it. But I still have my hopes set high. I know Starwars Land is opening late August, maybe we’ll hear by then.
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