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i didnt give a angry reaction about gay marriage or its support i did it because this guy is a jerk trolling people and i have been banned from posting in that thread but this jerk because he has a premium account gets to keep trolling others and attacking othes. i am attacking his posts with angry reacts because it is all i can do since he is a jerk. i fully support gay marriage and rights
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i like you and our interactions and didn't want you to get the wrong idea about me or why i gave the angry react to his posts. if you check i have been giving all his posts an angry reaction regardless of content just because he is trolling people .
Also to know that if you want to check out my project for a replaced/better second gate plan for the Disneyland Resort in California, i would put a link down, & i hope you love it. Also give me some comment about this project if you will, just saying. Thank You & nice to see you there.

Hey there i enjoyed checking out your Wild Kingdom project, i love seeing more stuff & maybe hopes for a second gate project in the near future after you do some Write-Ups and Ride-throughs for this project.
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