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  • kinda .. not as big as me though.. ill be 30 in may so i have to do it up right.. .?
    yes it will.. just got off the phone with my sister , going to universal too.. and i have been to chef mickeys before its awwesome!..
    hey its been a while but im back.. and gearing up for what i would call a mickey birthday bash in may.. im staying with my sister.. and shes taking me to the world that week!... with a little chef mickeys birthday breakfast on monday may 2nd!- :)
    awww! darn it! ok, well we still live close enough maybe we can meet at a mall and have coffee her in Va, I know with you having school I am just trying to be mindful of your time.
    OMGosh you are going to be there the same time as us!! I got goosebumps! We arrive on Aug 13 and leave the 25th, I still have to book our ressies, tomorrow is the day to call in :) we are going to try and stay at the BWV. Maybe we can meet up for a little bit while we are in the parks, that would be an absolute blast!
    Yeah Colleen and I went to both The Alumni, and WC. It was a good experience. I met some cool Caps fans too. You know me, I like talking hockey with people I don't care who you like or don't like. At the end of the day it's about the game itself, and the game is bigger than any 1 team. Pretty cool that during the game a whole section of Pens and Caps fans were chanting "Flyers suck"!!! Hahaha!!!
    Yeah I have not been on that much as of late. A few picture postings here and there. I thought this place was the cause of a lot of my Disney Blues but I'm realizing it just sucks not being there! You guys have obviously watched 24/7 I presume. Pretty good stuff. Could have and should have been a lot better though. 4 episodes was simply not enough. I can't BELIEVE they didn't say "Ummm Bruce, you have wing sauce all over yourself" before they interviewed him.
    Hi Foreverbelle, see you are going to WDW in March!!!! Have a great time! We have to wait until end of Sept. :) How are the crowd levels when you are going?
    Oh wow that's pretty neat. I've gone on that website before to "discuss" the playoffs with CAPs fans. ;)
    Does your husband work for The Capitals? That's my guess since you live in VA. Hockey starts tinight...very excited!!!
    Yeah It is amazing how many people really don't like it there!! I can't complain and our girls love it as well! As of now we own just there, which is good..For now!!!.Oh as a side note did you sign up for the Disney Mom's Panel?? It starts taking applications now!!!!
    Just did mine!!! Lots of luck!~!!
    Yes since 2006 and gotta say I do love it there! It has grownon me...Prior to that we stayed at POR every trip, and I grew to love it so much .Everything about that place! But Hubby took a tour of SSR and then later I did, and became hooked..Especailly after Our guide told us that over the 10yrs that we had gone to disney before we became members,we could have paid for it twice!!!! So yeah I pretty happy there!
    Exactly...are you a season ticket holder? I know in DC they went/are going on sale to the ticket season holders first.
    I just do not know how the NHL is going to handle this. Hopefully its not a huge F up, like everything else they do.
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