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  • Wow, I swear I was gonna say hello to you today and say your getting close to double digits!!! I am good. Just working! We are so lazy and procrastinating on planning! Hell yes I'm ready for the playoffs? How about you guys!
    hey bell , i thought i would drop in and say happy easter!.. how was your trip ? havent heard from you in a while!
    thanks .. i know i so cant wait... 48 hours.. lol yes dad asked me a few mins about how many hours.!lol.. Hope you guys have a magical time as well!.. :)
    its around the bend.. wow!!!. so excited!... dancing to owls and visiting a mouse . :)
    18 days mom told me to print off the calanders so we could figure out where and when we were going to go and which has Magic hours..
    well Happy new year bells , hope its filled with Magic to kick it off right ;) 31 days for me!- whoo!, and suppose to get our packet in the mail this month!..
    41 days... and all was quite not even the mouse!.. ready for feb to be here.. but hope you have a safe and blessed hoilday.. and try to stay warm from all that snow ! lol..
    to add to the excitement , we have know thrown inaconcert at the ouse of blues on friday.. which i cant wat .. bc i dont know if you have ever heard of owl city.. but everyone is jelous of us bc we are seeing them!:p go figure.. but yeah!... check out
    well today i happy day.. bc we are now indouble digets, and i got email from my aunt who payed our trip off... and i have ressies for chef mickys on 2/7/10 @9am
    help?? -- Need mickey graduation ears for a friend.. cant seem to find any .. ??
    yepp!!!!!-- i snt m friend a pic of a big stuffed mickey yesterday i saw in sams.. and i posted the count down underneather it!!-- 103 days!!!- whoo!
    girl, I am so ready!! I know at this time next month we will be on the Auto Train headed to FL!! Then in 31 days I will be in Disney.
    offically -- 118 days and we just booked our plane tickets.. to fly out of birmingham al at 735 and arrive in *i hop not to cold flordia* at 10:10... so we are ready!.. come on feb get here soon!!!
    Hi! I see you are counting down til your next trip! Man, your life sounds exhausting after reading your response to the thread I started! Here's hoping the next 4 months FLY BY!
    yeah and my goodness was it ever hot,I think I'll go in the cooler months next time,although the halloween Party was a blast and I've never seen so many grown men doing the chicken dance lol
    Hey Belle!!! We're back and took lots of pictures... Be on the look out hoping to start the TR tomorrow!
    chef mickeys - (character breakfast )- me and my friend
    prime time (studios) - all of us

    maybe's are
    whispering cayon - all of us

    i havent really pikced out the park stuff yet.. i do know we wanted the studios prime.. bc we tried to eat there last time but told we had to have a ressi..

    so if you know of any let me know
    thanks -
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