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  • Did you have a stunned looked on your face cause The Caps lost? There is a blog site here that takes peoples pics after the Pens win when they are sitting there stunned. Actually I will go check. I hope not though!!!
    Haha that is funny. Did you see the pics of the fat girl with the sign that said "Dont worry Crosby Steckle is in Toronto now." Someone changed it that said "Bruce, you left doughnutsin the fridge and I ate them all." Hilarious. It was a good game. Had good pace. I have no idea how AO got 1st star though.

    You know I used to literally almost $hit myself in fear when he would come swooping across the blue line...that no longer worries me at all. He just pulls up and passes now. What is up with him?
    Yeah I understand about not getting away from it. I agree again it was not on Bruce. he just fell into Ted and Georges trap. They asked if he could change ONE thing about his coaching job in Wash and he said "Beat Pgh in game 7"
    Yeah really interesting. I don't blame Bruce though. I blame Ted, and I blame McPhee. They made everything about beating us. That translated down to the players. It's like their outlook was "Hey let's win the Presidents Trophy every year. It's okay to lose in the playoffs as long as we beat Pittsburgh." I mean watching 24/7 and seeing how they all acted AFTER the Winter Classic that was very apparent to me. Ted, and George made it seem like the players did nothing wrong by getting bounced out every year by mediocre teams. In my eyes Bruce tried EVERYTHING he could to wake the players up. Someone has to take the fall though and it aint going to be a world class player. However if this trend continues with them...the players will be held accountable. I do like AO, I just think he's been bred into that organizations belief that he/they can do no wrong...Just beat the Penguins. If they let Dale coach these guys and whip their a$$es a bit...The NHL needs to look out.
    It was great to finally meet you!! I saw you in the store and knew right away it was you!!! :) And if I did not see you I would have seen Andy for sure! Our holiday was quite but that is how I like them. Family in our eyes is very over rated!!! If I could afford to spend every holiday in Disney I would!
    Sorry I'm just getting back to you now :/ I haven't been on much since I came back from my vacation. Things got hectic in the 'outside disney' world ;) But yes! He did! In front of the castle and during wishes! :D it was absolutely perfect!!!!
    i got a 35% off offer in my room but it starts in September-December and we wouldnt have been able to come up with money for a trip that soon so we didnt really look too much into it
    aww well thats good, but they dont wanna do a Disney Cruise they wanna do one that goes to like the Bahamas and what not
    We had dinner at Chef Mickey's one day last week. I think it was Friday. My little boy was the one that kept yelling "Po" and looking for Pluto. Lol.
    Yes we did everything and more :) Im hoping i can go back next year but they wanna go on a cruise for next summer vacation but im gonna try and convince them to do Disney again :)
    Very nice very nice, mine was amazing except for the annoying Brazilian groups! I hope they werent there for your vacation they were the worst part. I liked the Pop Century alot and i wanna go back to WDW already i need to plan another trip there ASAP
    hey bella !, no sadness i didnt get to go .. for my brithday .. but iam going the first paRT OF OCT. TO see my sister. and have some fun.. ( she taking me to chef mickeys and i asjed her to take me to a new place. konga so i can try to toast!.. hear its yummy!
    Yeah I actually found the Kids Nite Out website and got info on rates and stuff. I will definitely be taking advantage of it while we're there, at least once. My husband and I don't often go out by ourselves, and we will want to do so while we're there 'cause we have a lot to celebrate. :)
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