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  • oh wise bella ... (no not bella from twlight) lol.. but i have a question about ar's this will be the firsttime we do this ... so i need some help.. when will my window for them come up.. our trip is feb. 3-8th.?
    hey --- offical count down.. now since i got the confirmation from disney today via email about our trip!!!!- 4 months .. 11 days... until wilderness Lodge!
    oh i've been packed forever,i'm crazy lol and yes super excited.definately can't think of anything else.
    how funny is that eh?well I saw you were online so Just wanted to say that I got 4 days to go and I'm tryin to find out what the crowds are like so if ya know anyone with any idea can ya ask plz thnx.Oh goodness I'm so excited I'm not sleeping lol
    Hi Foreverbelle,

    I see your posts from time to time and simply wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tracy and I am a 37 y.o. Disney fanatic. I see you are headed to WDW in August. Hope you have a great trip.
    I bet he's at that perfect age when everything seems funny,etc.! Thanks for updating me...never to watch those posting dates...LOL!
    I hope you had a great holiday yesterday! We have been doin alot of relaxing!! Oh I went out and purcahsed a new book it is the one DisneyPrincess5 mentioned on a forum so I am excited to start reading it, oh it is the Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World. I got it at Borders and they said all travel books are on sale.
    Congrats on the new house!! That is exciting!!!! Enjoy the 4th! Any big plans? We are doing a Bday BBQ at the house for my dad - it's his bday tomorrow! Other then just - enjoying the long weekend! Happy 4th!
    Aww congrats on your first house and little boy..I didn't know you were a mommy!
    Nah no real plans for us either...just hanging out and dinner.
    Hi!!! Thanks so much!!!! Next month is your big trip! Are you SOOO excited?? What planning is left? Do you have all the ADR's you want? I'd love to hear all about your trip!!!
    just wanted to drop a line and say hi. I hope the move went well and guess what? only 30 more days.
    Such a great movie! Saw it in the theatres when it came out and have been hooked since! =) I drive my DH crazy when we watch it sometimes because I quote the movie too much!
    Hey. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to being character attendant. I'll mostly be working at the Studios. You gonna be visiting WDW anytime this year?
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