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  • Sorry I didn't see your message earlier. I have a Kodak Zeasy share Z981. I'm still trying to lean how to use all it's functions. Thanks for the complement about my pictures. I'm also not looking forward to joining the 40 club. lol
    Thanks! I actually just Googled "Peoplemover" and that was the first choice. I'm a fan of coasters and thrill rides, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a spin around Tomorrowland :)
    I undersand!!! This past winter was a doozie around our parts and the cost of living is ridiculous. Good luck in your search-you will land in the right place :)
    Hello! Thanks for the message so much going on has stalled my report and posting!! We had a wonderful trip!!! Very hot an crowded but loved it. How are you??
    We did go then, yes, and absolutely loved it!! We laughed so much, and it was the perfect finish to our trip.
    I know we couldn't resist taking my mom up on her offer to watch the lil one for the week! We are so thrilled. But Everest best watch out.
    Yep we sure are going in March. This will actually be the first time we are heading down during March...excited. I am determined to try every month at least once. But we are so excited. Especially since its a kid free trip!
    Hey! It is a Sony DSC-N1 its great for day pictures but its struggles at night without a tri pod. I have only taken around 5 pics with it on a try pod at night and the results were VERY recognizable. The camera is a bit old so if you can find one on eBay you can probably snag it for $100-$150
    Yes, I am getting married to the love of my after being together for over 14 years in October. Yes, my mother, myself, and my kids will be in WDW for the Night of Joy concert Sept 10th-13th which will be a very very short trip for us ;-(
    Naw...we were gonna plan a trip, but it fizzled out due to higher priorities. We're gonna stay close to home instead.
    Hi! Thanks! I think you are talking about the one at World Showcase. It was taken close to the Outpost area. There's a small beachy area where they've got these tribal conoes. As for the one with my boys, that was on the other side of the lake from Boardwalk, not far from International Gateway. Thanks for inquiring!!
    Thanks for your comments on my photos. I would recommend the Canon EOS 5D MKII ... its fast, has a wide ISO range, and shoots full HD video as well as being a full frame DSLR. A lens with an apeture of 1.8 (or lower) will help you with low light photography. Cheers, j
    Hey, thank you for the kind words on my pictures. I have also just started in the world of photography. If you have a little to spend on a camera I would recommend the Nikon D40. It is the perfect "advanced" SLR camera for the money. Very simple to use and have all the advanced features if you would like to learn a little more. Please just let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. :)
    Aw, she sounds like a cutie! Unfortunately, I have to wait until May to *potentially* miss my flight, hahah. It's just a worry because it's the first time me/my friends will be travelling alone and we've got a tight-ish connection to make. An adventure for sure! Tell her I wish I was on my way now, too!
    it's been so crazy, sorry I didn't get back to you. I am looking forward to Chef de France and Hoop dee doo show. Then to Kona for pancakes!!
    I know exactly what you mean!! If we wish too soon for our trip to come, summer will be over! But wait, summer has to come first!!!
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