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  • I didn't want to write a novel in your thread, but if you have any questions about OKW drop me a line. I also noticed on your profile that SSR is your favorite. OKW is really comparable to SSR in scope. If you like SSR you'll enjoy OKW. I'm doing a treehouse for the first time in January. I can't wait.
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    lol, thanks I'm just curious on what is the best areas in this resort, you know close to bus, pool that sort of thing. Also what areas to try not to get, lol . Yeah I'm hoping we either get in here for our August trip, I mean BLT i'm really hoping to stay but for a week there and its not our home resort not sure how often waitlists actually pull through.... I know we'll book SSR to be on the safe side....
    Wilderness Lodge for one night and then Yacht Club. We have been down quite a few years in a row, and have strongly considered DVC. I have this fear of commitment to it for some reason = ).
    Get out of here! We are going the exact same days almost (leaving the 28th). Due to our schedules, we typically have gone in early August, but it worked out it to be a bit later this year. Actually, I have heard the later in August the lighter the crowds get, so maybe we will be lucky. Where are you staying?
    Hi, actually from Warwick myself, right near Vets. I noticed quite a few Rhody's here to. It is amazing. Headed down to the World in August. How about you?
    Hello Dixiegirl,

    We will be at WDW the same time. Do you every go to dis-meets? Do you know if there is one going on? So excited to be going soon
    I sure did, did mine a few hours ago. So nervous! I got through to round 2 but my magic stopped there hoping its my year. Best of luck to you as well.
    We own there as well, and we love it there...I know so many people complain about it but my husband and I really enjoy it there....do you own anywhere else?
    Yes since 2006 and gotta say I do love it there! It has grownon me...Prior to that we stayed at POR every trip, and I grew to love it so much .Everything about that place! But Hubby took a tour of SSR and then later I did, and became hooked..Especailly after Our guide told us that over the 10yrs that we had gone to disney before we became members,we could have paid for it twice!!!! So yeah I pretty happy there!
    Well, I took a long leave of absence from the online world... about 5 years...
    Did I miss anything good in the past 5 years?
    Howdy! How you been? I'm pretty sure it's been at least 6 years since we chatted... What ya been up to?
    Hey I read your post in the RnR thread and you mentioned sinus problems. I found an amazing product. It's an all natural spray made from chili extract. Give it a try. It seriously changed my life. http://www.sinusbuster.com/
    Hey dixiegirl!! Thanks for the kind comments about the avatar. Save off a copy and make it your own lol!!
    Have a good trip to the World! We are leaving tomorrow as well and I am going crazy over here! So have a great trip and I hope for both of us that the weather is great and crowds are small! :)
    I saw your post about being stuck in WDW due to snow in RI. That's the one thing I don't miss; not being able to plan things due to snow. And you poor thing, flying out of Logan.

    I was born in Providence, grew up in East Providence (Riverside) was married the year you were born at the First Unitarian church on Benefit Street, and worked at RI Hospital as a float nurse for years; my husband did his residency there.

    My parents' ashes are buried in Warren, in the family plot.

    So you could say I have some ties to RI.
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