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  • Don't know if you've "talked" to Katie lately, but we leave for our first ever stay at the Wilderness Lodge in 29 days and 8 hours!!!!! Just me & the girls. It should be a great time! I'm so excited to finally see the Christmas decorations in person!!!!!!
    OMg I thought you had disappeared from this site I just went to WDW in september and am in the process of working on my TR ,you are mentioned in it because i took a special picture just for u LOL
    At the bottom of the main page it lists everyone who is having a birthday for that day.
    My nephew lives in California, and that word is apparently in style out there. He uses it all the time, and I always find it funny. It just sounds dumb to me, but my parents thought that "cool" sounded dumb when I was young.
    OK, I'm about as lame as they get. I didn't understand that I was able to respond to your comment. Sorry. I just figured it out today.

    My comments are usually aimed at comedy, but I often miss the mark. It's the price I pay for being a dork.
    Yeah that would probably be the ideal situation. I'm wondering what's going to happen around the league with the trade deadline coming up :lookaroun
    Yeah nope not me. This was in the middle of a parking lot garage...The litterally just about ran me over...the stunned look would have been the fact that someone was going to run me over more than the fact we lost. lol...I was actually ok with the game. I thought it was really good..
    I don't know, Bruce for sure didn't motivate him anymore. Thats for sure. We will see what Dale can do, but I don't know what is up with him. I still think it was a great game. Fun to be at. Other than the fact I just got about ran over by some Pens fans and then they decided to take my picture as they did..Awesome.
    How many of your folks came to visit? We headed up to the grandparents'. Bit of a different dynamic now that my dad and my stepmom have two babies, but it keeps things interesting. Tons and tons of good food, but that's par for the course with big Italian family dinners, I guess!
    Very glad to hear! You guys have a good Thanksgiving?

    We're not planning on going this year. We decided to take a cruise to Bermuda, which is a lot cheaper since we only have to drive to the port instead of flying there. Maybe this year I could do a solo trip, but I'm not sure how that would work out. We're looking at going back to WDW in 2013 or 2014. Are you guys all planned out?
    Well it was a good game, which is what I asked The crowd as always was into it on both sides had a couple behind us where the girl was a pens fan the man a caps fan..I wonder how that car ride home went. lol
    Yep, so he is now heading to the Ducks, I wish him well on the West.....I am heading to the game tonight....hoping for at least a good game...
    Hey John! Yep, I'm still around to poke my head in every once in a while. Haven't really had time to post lately but that's the way things are headed for me. Things are getting crazy busy for me with college coming around the corner, but I'm otherwise very much alive (at least not online!)

    How've you been man? I still have to finish my trip report. That picture of that filet from Le Cellier keeps showing up on my computer...
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