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  • That is awesome. We are gonna try to get tickets. Not really sure how the NHL is going to handle that. We will DEF meet up then.
    Awwww I wish you were coming we could all meet up...Might be kind of weird just meeting with him like...Hey my wife knows you...yeah we are friends on a message board. Cool! Yeah...sooooooooooooo....

    I cant believe we weren't friends already! Did you tell your husband your homies with a Penguins fan yet? Or is THAT why we weren't friends!!! Hahaha!
    Yes but I do not post on it. I just read a few of my friends posts and that is about it. @Tamburriello is my handle
    yeah its not one of the big name cities that everyone knows.....are you from the area or just have family that lives here now?
    haha....I have seen a few people on here that are from the area. I am originally from Wilmington, when I got married my wife wanted to be closer to her family. We lived in Garner for a while then bought a house in Smithfield. I guess it is a small world after all!!
    WEll I hope you have a great time!! I am so excited to be going back in December,and can't wait to take my little princesses to 1900 Park Fare Dinner 8o)
    thanks so much you've been so helpful,by the way I love your new pic with the little guy 8o)
    Hi thanksa for getting back to me ,I guess I'm not able to do it even though it tells me somewhere else that i can lol,okay so here is what I was going to post: I'm wondering which WDW rides can seat 3 people since I will be travelling with my 2 girls ,they are 5 n 7
    Yeah they are the team with the hot goalie. Any team left...if we put up 40 shots a game they won't compete with us at all. This is just crazy. I really thought we would be playing you guys in the East Finals...
    Terrible. They are falling into the trap Washington fell into. They are shooting from anywhere just for the sake of shooting. They have no substance to their game.
    HI there I haven't been logged in in a while,sad to say no trip this year as we are taking the girls to sesame Place before my oldest is too old for it ,but September 2011 should come fast I hope.Hope all is well with you
    He can't play like that forever. Eventually he will have a breakdown...Varly did it last year, and broke down in game 7. At this point with Washington gone anything less than the finals is a let down.
    No date set...Honeymoon will be in Disney of course! I hope we both make it to The East Finals again!
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