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  • That would be lovely. We should still plan on meeting at a mall one of these days....I know I was so excited. Ugh. sometimes I am not the brightest crayon in the crayon box. LOL
    OK yeah scratch that, its not August, that we are going but July 14th thru 24th. Duh. On my part. I was really excited there for a minute.
    We should most dif. meet up!! I think that would be awesome. Lets plan on it.
    We have never been to BWV, though I want to one of these days. You dif. have a nice long trip. Man and I thought we were going to be there for awhile. LOL. We are planning on getting in there Thursday evening, unless I can manage another day off, which I should know sometime after the March trip. Yipee!!! The thought was to pull a half day, so I don't have to use a vacation day. If you get what I am saying. But yep. Looking forward to it.
    I think we finally decided on ADR's just got to wait til Friday to make them.
    I am really excited now!
    That is great, we are going on a long trip in August as well. from the 14th to the 24th. Since we took my entire family last summer, we used quite a number of our points, but did not mind. Believe me it was well worth it to see the look on my parents when they walked into the AKL!
    So we are staying in August and splitting the trip between SSR and the BLT for the first time. Excited about that. Especially since it will be Logan and us, and he will be 2 1/2!
    Hey thats awesome! A quick trip is always amazing sometime! We are going kid free in March. We were originally staying at Port Orleans-we are paying out of pocket this go around-but with the discounts, just upgraded to Wilderness Lodge. Favorite!!! Somehow this makes it that much more exciting.
    Hey there friend! How are you doing. I see your heading to BLT in August!!!! That is so exciting how are things going
    Oh darn...another 3 day will you make it thru????? HAHA I am very happy for you...and very jealous!!! Where will you be staying on this trip!! We are now working on our ADR for August...we will be at Boardwalk Inn from Aug 19-25th....and in the 25th we transfer to the Dream for a 4 day trip at sea!!!!
    Hello!! So how was vacation?? I am sure it seems like it was forever ago!! Have you planned the next one to give you something to look foward too??? Our next trip is all planned....we are doing land and sea this time around...going all out for the 20th Anniversary!!!
    We have never taken the auto train...we have always had large trucks and it cost almost double and then still have to drive once you get there!! We use to live 3..yes 3 minutes from the auto train. We have done the long 13.5 hour drive before but we dont even do that any more. I am on vacation so having MIckey pick me up and get my luggage for me make me very happy!!! We book this years trip on our trip last year on a bounce back!! So I am hoping that we will do the same this year. But i am hoping to add a twist to the next trip!! VOE RENEWALS!!! 2011 will be 20 years for DH and I!! But want to do it when its not so hot and while Christmas decorations are up but with one DD in college and the other DD still in high school timing is very hard. But giving the planner that i am I will figure something out!! What is your first choice in Resorts?? are you DVC??
    Thanks for the Birthday wish! I have no idea when we will go back,definately not this year. I hope everythingworks out with your job!
    Oh I will trade you. It snowed this past Sat. then we had rain & sleet last night. Lucky if it made it to 40* today. Also here folks go in shear panic w/ any weather like this and cannot drive. So if I can come to Miami sit on a lounge chair with a pretty drink I would be happy.
    Hi Shelley - just wanted to say have a safe and wonderful happy fun trip! I know you head out tomorrow...have a safe one! We are just as excited and leave around 8 in the morning saturday for the longgg drive down! lol Lindsay is SO excited! Anyways, hope something "magical" happens for you and your family. Lisa
    So just think this time next month you will be counting not the days but the hours til Disney! How exciting!
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