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  • Hi friend :)
    Thanks for the kind words about the picture of me and my boyfriend at MK!
    Glad it could be an inspiration shot for you!
    Hey back at ya. This is the first time I have ever come across it spelled the same way "Aleisha" after 37 years.
    That's why I wanted to post & I'm glad I did. Have a magical day.
    haha! I had to do the same with my DH! He went to Disney once as a child, and hasn't seen the majority of the Classic Movies!!! He doesn't understand my fascination... hahaha

    So, what is your favorite park and what is your favorite resort?
    Yes, we are!! We were actually married at the Yacht Club Resort, had our honeymoon at the Contemporary and are spending our first anniversary at the YCR :) I am sooo excited! Where did you stay?
    Hello! You're Welcome, thanks for accepting. Really glad you liked my picture so much, I just got that camera recently and it is working well so far.

    thanks! i really wanted to get that picture done, because I have a cat named Simba =-) That's cute that you got the picture & came back pregnant!
    hey u, I had to share w/ you that my DH decided we needed to extend of stay at Disney by 2 days, so I called and we are now staying till 11/30 instead of 11/28, also by us doing that our train cost went down by 200.00.

    Well you are under 60 days..HOORAY
    ok, you are going to think I really have flipped.. on my stat I just went from Just Joined, to "new here" hooray I am becoming more of the community. sorry could not contain my excitement..
    Thanks for accepting my request!
    The Yeti is awesome...he seemed to be working ok when we saw him in January...hopefully they'll fix him soon.
    Hi there :) Yes, I read your posts as well! I see in your Disney Favorites you like Everest. Isn't it awesome? I love when it goes backwards!!
    Hi foreverbelle, I'm forevermickey, just was reading the forum updates and saw your screen name --
    I am going to WDW in August also, but will be there on the 26th. Hope you have a great day!
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