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  • Wahoo. The first part of October should be gorgeous!!! I have 19 days and I am back down there, taking my son this time....
    I think you are down in the world at the moment, thought I would say hey and hope your having a fabulous time.
    Thats awesome. I have never been to Universal, but hope to one of these days. LOL. But that is awesome. So your sister a big Disney fan as well?
    Wahoo that is fabulous! I have never been to Chef Mickey's but here its a lot of fun. Let me know what you think of it.

    So is that the next time your going to be down there?

    I will be down in March, my husband and I decided to leave lil man home and go down for some time on big kids rides!!
    So your mere days away from heading to the World. Just wanted to say to have a fabulous time-in case i don't tell you before-and enjoy....I am now 13 days away myself...so close and yet so far at the same time!
    Oh yeah you go next week. Well I am getting my teeth pulled while your at Disney. Gee who is going to be having more fun...
    Happy New Year to you as well. As of today we have 40 days to go. And we are dif. getting more excited....
    52 for me. I hear you I can't wait. 24 inches of snow will do that you. Most of which is still on the ground....Yeah..Getting excited.

    You have a fabulous holiday as well.
    Nice! Man I love double digit day. I still have a few more days til I hit it...We did our resies the other day...Did pretty good to I think.
    Hmm that may be a little tough since it isn't graduation season. However they do have build your own ears throughout the parks, so you may try that. I am sure they should have that sort of thing. Or are you looking to get them one before you head down?
    Ah yes the good old 90 days...And Reservations...Are a must so its good to start thinking about it now. I did the calculations for you. It says your 90 day out should be November the 5th. However Disney is changing things and starting on October 27th, you can make your reservations at the 180 day mark. Which means as of the 27th you can go ahead and schedule.

    We use a handy dandy Disney calculator to figure thing out:


    It will tell you exactly when you can start your planning for future reference.

    What places are you thinking of hitting up?
    Wahoo! Got to love the official countdown. I have 146 days. So whats that like four months and some odd days as well. I am horrible with math!
    Hey. Nice to meet you. I was working at Trinity Medical center but I am currently in CRNA school at Samford and not working full time.
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