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  • Trying to remember if it was one of your TRs that had pictures of Disney attractions as letters to make up names? Struggles. Clearly I read too many TRs.
    Quick note! You mentioned looking for my June 2007 trip report well I will save you time and tell you I wasn't writing them yet! My older trip reports do include kids though, and that might be helpful!
    So wanted to let you know i will eventually be going back and reading your wedding report and writing down notes to plan my wedding!!!!!!! :) Hope baby Lucas is well! and you and Brett too!!! <3
    well then Holly I guess I know which ones to post first!!! Harry Potter or should I say WWOHP! I have most of them done already, but I have a few left to do, but since I'm an old school scrapper I got to print the pics first. AHHHH maybe digital is in my future?!!
    Hey Girl I wanted to tell you that I found a great place to get some unique Disney scrapbook items....that is if you are a traditional scrapbooker, and not a digital girl. They have several items that would work great for your Disney Wedding/Honeymoon/Cruise! I found them on ebay, and I ordered a few things from her, and I love them. They have Disney cruise, Polynesian Hotel, Lilo & Stitch Ohana, and Spirit of Aloha Luau stuff plus many other items you might like. The store name is: livelove2scrap and her name is Gina.

    Oh and by the way......I have been scrapping like crazy......Disney, Universal Island of Adventure-Harry Potter, and many non-disney pages too, and I'm gonna load them next week, so keep an eye out and let me know what ya'll think!

    I'm sitting here like a complete nut, refreshing your TR. I mean, it's not like I have anything better to do.. just living vicariously, NBD.
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm done my exams, so you can post your TR anytime.. hahahah (L)
    Just showed the pics of ur tree to my daughters,and they've informed they need a second tree lol<my 8 yr old wants to deck her tree in Nemo plushies n my youngest wants all dalmations ,this is going to be cute thanks for the idea,P>S can't wait to see pics of the actual chosen wedding dress :)
    Thanks so much for sending me that link,I love the tree and think it's a great idea for my daughter n much less expensive than some of the ornaments(every year a few more get broken by my youngest daughter)I just spent the morning reading a third report from you (the contemporary conference) I'm addicted lol,hopefully some day I'll bump into u in the world n say hi take care n all the best to u n Brett
    omg I have read 2 of ur trip reports in a week lol,I've just discovered the tr's on here n realise it helps me get through with my Disney withdrawals.You n Brett are so incredibly cute I'm excited to go back n read the rest of ur previous trip reports,you do a great job!! I love the pics of chip n Dale touring around and i think it's a great idea for my 2 daughters to do,also I was wondering if you had a pic you could post some place of ur plush xmas tree,I'd love to show my 8 yr old ( she has her own pink tree every year,that she decorates differently) Thanks so much congrats !!!!
    Ohhh, you know how I do =) I haven't been hanging around WDWM lately, things have gotten a little crazy with life and school - but I'm workin my way back, and in my most hated class right now.. Pre-TR here I come (L)
    HOLLLYYY, look a little gander at the date today in class and realized how close your date is <3 Have an amazing trip and wedding-related everything. All the best, loovelove.
    Love you tooooo much for your new TR, I keep obsessively checking. What does that say about my life? Probably nothing good, but definitely speaks volumes to your adorable couple-ness/ability to entertain.

    I'm looking at Angelini's photos and they're soooo nice. You're going to have such a nice wedding, cannot waitttt for the pictures. 200 dresses? I'd be in white dress heaven, though I imagine it got a litttttle frustrating. March must feel like it's coming quiiiiick, girl!
    Hey Hol!

    I hope you had a great trip back this past week! I will be looking forward to a trip report! I hope you and Brett have a Merry Christmas!
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