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  • just letting you know that my race report is up in the running sections with pics... the poly at christmas is awesome .... it was a dream come true with christmas up for marathon weekend!
    well hello there alesha and family.,
    hope you guys are well .. Just wanted to let you know ill be back in the world , in Jan .,
    for 2016 Marathon weekend , we are staying at the poly. this time ... , I got lucky and registerd friday at the country music marathon in Nashville , before registeration opens to the public tomorrow .. and i got my confimation today! .. super exicted!..
    hey kido , haven't heard from you guys , just checking .. , Im trying to talk dad in to going to Disney land next summer , if not im going to register for tower of terror 10 miler in feb. for oct. so either way! .. but any ways hows things going with you guys?
    hey you .. hope you guys are doing well ... - take a look at what I did ... some pics of me from the half on sat.. -- it was so awesome.. -- we got to eat dinner at the grand flordian café.. and we ate breakfast there too! ...- be watching for my trip report soon! :)
    Hey you .. , just thought I would drop you a line , since Im 12 days out from my Marathon weekend trip! .. , any tips and what not since we haven't been since 2010. :) , hope you , andy and little heart breaker are doing well and hope you had a great Christmas and a blessed new year! Phl.4:13
    OMG I don't believe I haven't seen this...those 12 days are flying right on by now aren't they? HMMM must go to new Fantasyland. You will not be disappointed at all
    Need some help .. --- I want to do something for my parents .. when we get down there.. on maybe thu night.. or so .. since we arnt going into the parks until sat after noon .. so any suggestion on a nice sit down restraunt or something.. ? I was thinking California grill ( for the mk fireworks , or something? .. any suggestion.. I want it to be surprise!
    Oh how sweet is that!!! California is dif one I recommend. Another one we really enjoyed is Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge or Narcosse's at Grand Floridian, both are super nice for that sort of thing- If your looking for something in DTD Fultons Crab House
    question can you explain this rifd magic band stuff to me .. I don't want to be surprised with when we go in jan?
    Youu remember how you had to put your ticket into the machine when entering the parks? And in your room if you were staying on property? Well now all you have to do is touch it to this gold ball that has Mickey head on it. It will light up green and you can go. You still have to put your finger but it seemed it was a lot faster. The same sort of concept for your room, though no golden ball..
    hey long lost frist friend on the wdw magic board! lol.. but thank you for your reports with logan they have really helped me pass the time till our trip in Jan.. 214 days! ... oh my .. runing though disney and epcot will be fun.. i dont know what ill do when i cross the finish line , prob. tear up , but im a guy! ... looking at AR's prob. only one or two! ... but you know!
    well marthon weekend is out for jan.. but im in 2014 , bc my dad said he would go with me .. so yaya!.. i ran my first 5 the other week camew in second in my age group.. i posted about it , in the run disney section!.. hope your doing welll!:)
    we had a major bump in the road... my mom forwarded me an email and called me at midnight, the restaurant we signed a contract to host our rehearsal dinner is closing its doors. 3 weeks before and now we're out in the cold. It's harder for my side because money is tight... many of the other local places want min 5k FOR DINNER
    are you getting pumped! I cant wait for the honeymoon... 32 days from today, wedding is in a month!
    Hello...I have not been on the boards....finally found a new job and I cant get on any site there :( and no time at home. The trip was good, but very short. DD stayed in our room which gave us more time with her. Went went hard and was very tired when we got back...then I went to the 3 OT game at home which just added to me being tired. New job is OK....dont know how you do the drive you do.....I have only done my new drive a week and hating it already. I give you credit!!!! Enjoy your time having Andy back home....I know it will go by fast. Since I will not be on here much anymore feel free to email anytime at mjhilleary@verizon.net
    I wanted to let you know I set the tone for last night game early. I started packing durning the 1st inter. and the first 2 things what went in were my #22 and #74 t-shirts so I can ROCK MY RED on game days while in the WDW. I told myself I dont want to have to unpack in the am and take these out and add more MICKEY wear so we had better WIN. I almost feel out of bed when Ward scored!! Now on to round 2 and I will be good with anyone other than the Florida...for some reason they scare me. Rangers will be perfect.
    Yes i did!!! Paying a little more than I wanted to...but got a preffered room (this and water view) was the only thing left. But this way I wont have to listen the youngest DD complain about how far away the room is!!! HAHA But my price I have right now will be cut in HALF once Samantha is able to call and add her CM discount. She will also add the regular dining plan and park hoppers for MUCH less!!!! Once we get back from this trip and she gets more settled in I will work on finalizing the Christmas trip and figure out what discount will get us!
    No plans for us to move. As of right now Samantha is only down there for about 4 months. But who knows what this will lead to!! Lots of CM discounts I am hoping!!!! DH has been out of work since December and has lot of leads but no offers. I have gotten offers but ones I cant take not knowing what he will be making. Have to be able to pay the bills. So I will now wait for him to find a job then I will start to look again. Craigslist has a lot of listing. I cant wait for the trip in 16 days....i really need the break but sad DH is not coming with us...finding a job is more important. Good luck to you....you should not have much trouble...it just take lots of time and lots of applications.
    HAHA!!! Oldest DD started in the CP yesterday!!! And we found out she will be working at POFQ so we switched over to there (from CS) in hopes we will see her more and less travel time for her to get to us!!! She will doing receration stuff....we think working with kids around the pool (games) and magic cookie hour kind of stuff. My hopes is she builds up so much stuff that I will have to make a solo trip in August to help move her home and we also have hopes for Chirstmas trip still....if DH can find a job soon so I can then find my new job. Oh the lives of adults and jobs. Looks like you and Andy had a great trip to New York...and also got to see a really game!!! Will you be going to any playoff games???
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