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  • I didn't even mention my "beer muscles" (what does that mean anyway? my English is good but not perfect) he told me to "flex". :D

    So you see he was even much worse. Thanks for your reply.

    have a magical day,
    Hello sublimesting,

    as you are my friend I wanted to tell you the details. Martin mentioned that there was already an existing and active thread about that topic which I only repeated and emphasized so the discussion would be continued in the older thread. Bigwolf, who opened the thread out of nowhere insulted me personally, "take away the shades you look like a dork" and more of that stuff. I was completely stunned by the rude behaviour and, well, retaliated, although on a higher and more adequate level.;-)
    Have a magical day
    Well the child swap does get ONE of you into the fast pass line, just not both! the second parent riding gets the fast pass line, not the first, unless they use an actual fast pass :)
    You can use fast pass for the rides that the young one can go on as well, so that all of you can ride together, but for the rides with height requirements, get only ONE fast pass for each ride. An example: Get 1 fast pass using your ticket for splash, and 1 fast pass for thunder with your wifes ticket. when the first fast pass time is up, go to that ride, all 3 of you go to the fast pass entrance, tell the cast member you need to do child swap, they give you the child swap pass, the first parent rides going through the fast pass line, then the second parent goes through the fast pass line with the child swap pass. Then you can go to the 2nd ride and repeat, one parent using a fast pass, adn the second using a child swap. That way neither of you has to wait in a stand by line.
    We get one fast pass, then when we go to the Queue for the atraction we tell the CM at the FP entrance that we need to do rider swap, the first one can go in with the fast pass, then the second one goes in with the child swap pass. We are able to get one fast pass for BTMRR and one for Splash, and do them both back to back using the fast pass/child swap. It makes it very easy on our daughter (and next trip our son!) because they are only without mommy or daddy for a short time.
    The rider swap worked great for me and DH last trip for the few rides our DD couldn't ride. The thing is, just get one fast pass for the ride, and then one uses the fast pass, and the other uses the child swap :) We did this every time, and it made it much easier on us and our daughter to not have to wait a long time for the parent who was going on the ride. Our son will be just over a year when we go and I am a little anxious about the whole diaper thing, but other than that I am really looking forward to bringing them both with us! The expressions on our daughter face her first trip were priceless! Even her second trip she was still amazed with everything! I can't begin to count how many times her reactions brought tears to my and Dh's eyes! it really is the greatest thing to bring a child! The next 247 days are going to take forever!
    I was going through the list of other members who will be at the world when we are going in Sept and saw that you guys are going for the first time with your child, this will be our daughters third trip, and our new sons first! (he was just born sept 15th) How old will your little one be for the trip?
    Yea, he loves it. He is also the one behind the rock the red logo and stuff. He gets all excited whenever he sees anyone wearing that stuff. Its like a little boy at Christmas.
    Its going good. She loves that part of the ride. I downloaded that part and we were listening to it and she was "singing" along if you will...

    Good to hear that baby is healthy...sorry Mickey isnt though! Thats why girls are dumb! I could never be a girl...When girls say God is a woman I want to smack them because if god WAS a woman you think she would make women have babies and bleed once a month for a week? hahaha

    54 days!!
    Thanks dude...Our flight is at night and the airport is pretty dead then so we SHOULD be cool, but I am always really early there anyways! Hows the "addition" to the family?
    I just read your posts about the germs on the door handles and agree 100%. It must be a Pgh thing?
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