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  • Just booked our 2021 trip!! Can't wait to celebrate the 50th anniversary AND my daughter's graduation! ♥
    Booking ADRs makes me feel like our trip is right around the corner... Hope these next 6 months fly by!!!
    You're very welcome!

    I'm actually a beginner as well. I've been shooting since the summer and love it....although, it's a far more expensive hobby than my previous one (guitars).

    I definitely recommend you look into getting the 50mm 1.8 when you can. It's a very cheap lens (you can grab one used for $80, new for 125) that will totally open up a world of night photography....I took a bunch of pics in Disney last October with the 50mm 1.4 and I gotta say, the extra aperture helped tremendously!

    Good luck!
    Thanks. I served for 16 years in the Canadian military before being medically discharged, so the troops are close to my heart.
    Oh wow, that's great! That's a lot to be celebrating :)

    And please, tell your husband I said thank you for serving
    Where you able to get any more info on Kids Nite out?? I really think you and your hubby would enjoy it. While I am not a Military Wife, my husband works for the NHL,and often travels with the team, so he is gone during game nights and on the road every year from Sept. to whenever they get kicked out. Could be late June. We love the opportunities for adult only time when we can!
    Yeah, really sorry about that. I didn't know you had a contact form so I'll use that next time. ;) And you're welcome.
    Hi Brittany! Its Timmy, your hostee :) Saw you were on and wanted to say hi. Left a long line of comments on your tagboard (sorry about that) but wanted to say hi on here.
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