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  • hahaha yeah we never stayed off property it just isnt the same feeling, idk if i would like it, no bus transportation, no EMH, no fast pass, no monorail :(
    ive stayed at The Polynesian once, Coronado Springs once, The Yacht and Beach Club once and The Contemporary 13 times, this will be my first time at The Pop im very excited i heard great reviews about it
    yeah im 15-20 minutes away from JFK so no time to rush just gotta get their early enough to get through security checks and what not
    it will be here as soon as u know it, the only part im not looking forward to is waking up at 3 to be at the airport by 4 i have a 6AM flight
    ive been planning since last summer :p but we waited to book it in February hahaha i cant wait to go i have 60 more days i cannot wait
    hahaha very nice, doesnt sound weird at all, im almost under 60 days i cant wait, i booked the trip in February and have been counting down ever since
    not at alll me and my girlfriend watched the vacation DVD my mom ordered for us and it got her even more excited for it i cant wait to see her face when she sees the castle and ariel her favorite disney character its gonna be amazing :)
    hahaha yeah me too i cant wait, im sure everything will your boyfriend will love it then u will have an excuse to go all the time hahaha
    hahaha thats cool so ill be looking for the obnoxious girl who acts like a child in WDW should be too hard to find :) (even thought thats most people when in Disney hahaha)
    oh well congratulations and very nice, sure we will run in to each other at the hotel and not know it hahaha
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