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  • This may be totally random, but did you guys have reservations at Chef Mickeys on Friday or Saturday? This was like 7/22 or 7/23
    Thank you so much..and I will..it is always harder on us mommy's when they get the shots..:(..
    Have a good night!
    Hye!..We are great Thanks..Maggie gets her hearing aids tomorrow and I am iffy abut that but I know it will be best for her..but we are doing good..:)

    How is that sweet man?..He is adorable!
    Oh MY!..Maggie is 35 inches and 27 pounds at 4 and a half!..LOL...So funny!..She still could not ride Goofys roller coaster last year!..She first went at 7 months and then at 19..We basically took her on everything but the rc and simulators :D
    Ohhh Lori..he is so sweet!....Love the name..:D..He is a cutie from what I can tell by the avatar!

    I am glad he is okay and yikes about the labor..:(..but as long as he is good and healthy and you are too that's all that amtters now..:D

    I am so happy for you guys!

    Maggie is doing great Thank you..getting big and rotten..:D..but so much fun!

    Hope to see new pictures soon..:)

    Congrats again!..:)

    YAY!..you had the baby!...What is his name? I need birth details..lol..Hope you guys are all doing Good...Happy Thanksgiving!..
    I most certainly keep you and the baby in my thoughts and prayers---us moms have to stick together!
    Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Disney lover from WV!!! :) I lived in FL for a few years and went all the time but now that I'm back home I haven't been back, going in October though! :)
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