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  • Totally understandable, I am trying to convince the hubs to just go on a cruise since he has never been on one, did you get the 40% off offer in your room during your stay?
    Ah yes, we would love to do the cruise one of these days....I think we are heading back down in July next year again...I am already counting down. LOL. What can I say..

    I am so glad. It was hard to ride the rides with a 2 yr old, though the few times we were able to it was wonderful...
    Oh no, we had them, the tour groups that was. Annoying seriously but we tried to make the most out of them anyway. But yeah they were quite large. Did you guys get to everything you wanted to do/see?

    It is so hard when you come back after that amazing you think you'll be able to get back there any time soon?
    It was fabulous. Had a great time. Bummed to be back already...that just means I need to start planning another one. Going to be doing a trip report sometime soon, work won't let me do anything with pics so I gets to wait til I get home.

    How was yours?
    It's a Disney resort its just not on property :) you still got busses and all that good stuff, you just had to pay for EMH, it was like $15 extra dollars but I know what you're saying. That's why I was so willing to spend the extra money for my boyfriends first trip. Being "Home' at a Disney Resort is unlike anything else in the world :D
    So have I and if its anything like ASM I'm sure its going to be great! I had one of my best experiences there. Jeese louise! If your family ever wants a daughter let me know! We won our stay at the Contemp. We usually stay off property at the Best Western in Lake Buena Vista :)
    Oh okay, you're there just as long as we are :) just... different dates XD So have you ever stayed at Pop! before? I've been to ASM and to the Contemp as well as WL but never Pop. I'm kinda excited :)
    I wish we were so lucky! at 3 am it should take me like an hour to an hour and a half to get there but if we were going any other time of the day? it would take us a few hours to get that far into the city :/ thats the only part i dont think im looking forward to, the long drive to the airport. Though I'll probably be listening to disney music on my ipod and jamming out :p
    thats the same thing we have to do!! out flight is at 730 though, but you're closer to the airports than we are. We're flying out of newerk so in order to be there on time we have to leave by 3 too
    Everyone keeps saying its gonna fly by now that we're down into double digits but its not flying by :((((( i want to be getting up to head to the airport this morning :p
    I've got you beat :p I've been planning since November of last year and been going NUTS! I just want it to come already :/ I wanna go home!
    haha well thats good for you :) I've been going nutso because I'm so excited! 59 days left and then I'm there!!!! :DDDD First thing I'm gonna do? Run to stand outside MK and just look at it :3 sound weird?
    I hope so! He's being a debby-downer right now though. He thinks if he does all the planning and research with me then he's gonna know what to expect and then he wont be as excited to go. I keep telling him if I've been 28 times and I'm STILL excited then I think watching a planning DVD wont ruin it for him :p
    I guess you're right :p ah I'm so excited!!! I sure hope everything goes smoothly and I REALLY hope you can see the top of Beasts Castle from MK :]
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