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  • I know it was an incredible game, an incredible series really. Ah yes Florida, actually after playing this series I don't know if anyone truly scares me, after all we weren't supposed to have a prayer against the Bruins. But I am just enjoying the moment. I know we can do this!!! But I too just about fell out of bed myself.
    Awesome. Sounds fabulous....I was joking with Andy about a weekend trip down, my sis is taking little man down to NC for a little while over the summer....I am like hmmm....
    Ah yes, its unfortunate I wish him all the best of luck. I have had a couple of leads but it hasn't gotten me very far. Which is ok. I mean I have a job so I can't complain to much.
    Ah the discounts would be nice now wouldn't it.
    That is awesome. Yeah I am certainly looking for new job...the commute is beginning to kill me slowly...but how fabulous is that for your daughter! Are you guys looking to move down there as well??
    And we did have a fabulous time in NYC....and it was a super game, well if you are a Caps fan that is. lol...yep. I sure do plan on going to a playoff game. Just waiting to hear if Andy will get tickets or not...that would of course decide it completely.
    I am pretty sure you have room for me in 16 days.....just saying....lol. I am so jealous you will be there so soon...99 days for me. And yes I will now have the 99 bottles of beer on the wall or the 99 red balloons songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Damn it
    Oh yes how could you miss my dear husband??? I mean its easy to not see me. lol...but him. Never. I totally hear you. I would have preferred a much quiet Thanksgiving over the one I got. lol.. but it was nice none the less. I agree I would love to spend the holidays one of these years down there...I keep saying we are...
    I liked AO less and less as I watched that team dissolve every season in the playoffs and a month later he's the happiest guy in the world cause he won MVP. Dude your team lost 13 games all year, then lost 4 out of 5 in 2 weeks when it matters the most. Mike Green is a TRAVESTY. He has ALL world talent. He has NOBODY to teach him how to use it. And Semin...I used to really like him as well. You just can't rely upon guys to take your team to that next level who just "don't get it" Like I said I don't think it's the coaches. Ted needs to quit F'ing with his blogs talking about "We are the team to beat" no dude, you're not. Until you win nobody cares about you. Then need to quit worrying about Pittsburgh as well. The Ravens are the SAME way with The Steelers (I HATE The Steelers btw) but they built their team to beat The Steelers and nobody else.
    They dumped Gatorade on their coach after they beat The Steelers IN WEEK FIVE!!!! That shows right there that they don't have their heads in the right place. The way The Caps celebrated after they were "The Winter Classic Champions" was pure stupidity and showed that their heads are in the wrong place. Yeah its an event, yeah HBO was doing a documentary but for BB to nearly be in tears talking about "This is the biggest win in my career" is the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say. Why? How is winning a game Jan 1st that important? That is why they all need to go. I don't mind BB so much. After watching 24/7 it seems like he tried every possible way to wake his team up ie swearing at them, ignoring them, being nice to them...NOTHING worked. It's the players on that team...but HE will be the first to go. There is no doubt in my mind.
    Yeah...WHAT is going on down there? I was talking about that with my friend and I said "There is no way they get rid of AO over the coach right?" And he was basically like they could. He's given up on him. And I said yeah but this is the first coach. If it happened before then yeah you get rid of him but BB has been on the hot seat for a while. I don't know Teddy, the GM McPhee have all made these guys feel like it's okay that they have the best team Oct-March and April-June don't matter. To me, it's those 2 dudes fault. I don't think any coach can come there and change the mentality of that locker room. They need a DRASTIC shake up. So much talent on that team being wasted. There is no excuse. None at all.
    I am so excited for you guys to be going on the dream!! I am so trying to convince the hubs to do it, which isn't that hard its more of timing and all....but I cant wait to hear how you liked it!
    the boardwalk it great. you can walk to epcot in like 5 min and u get in through an entrance near the country pavillions. plus you can take a 15-20 minute walk to hollywood studios, or you can ride a boat. the pool is grreat. you will love it. have a great vacay!! oh btw from the wilderness lodge, can u see the castle?
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