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  1. MAF

    PHOTO - NextGen RFID entry system installed at the Haunted Mansion

    RFID is the worst thing that could have ever happened to WDW. Instead of investing the money into new attractions, they are investing it into this disaster known as "next gen". What a mess...
  2. MAF

    Only a group like this, can appreciate this video!

    I laughed so hard when the little boy tried the Beverly. Poor kid... :D
  3. MAF

    Seven Dwarfs mine train won't be open until 2014

    Oh yes, its because they don't want to "overwork" the builders... I mean obviously they couldn't hire more people right? The only reason they won't get it up and running sooner is purely for financial reasons. They want to spread their costs over several accounting periods. Its all about the...
  4. MAF

    People who visit DW and complain about the walking...

    Get real, who complains about walking? I love to walk...
  5. MAF

    Disney Diet Buddies...

    Its nice to see less people relying on ECV's to get around the World.
  6. MAF

    WDW 2012 Fashion Critique For Men

    Pretty sure he's talking about the tool bags who wear them indoors because they think they look "cool."
  7. MAF

    WDW 2012 Fashion Critique For Men

    I KNEW someone would post something like this. Sorry, this isn't the DIS...
  8. MAF

    MK to get SIX new FP attractions? UGH?!?!

    I I hope so! I *heart* Full House so much!
  9. MAF

    MK to get SIX new FP attractions? UGH?!?!

    I got in trouble for that honey bee...
  10. MAF

    $100 a day? Soon. VERY soon.

    Good, lets keep those pesky poor people out of our parks.... ;)
  11. MAF

    Two coasts: One very different world

    I can't wait until school is back in session....
  12. MAF

    Rumor:Reports that BOG will be 2 credits for both lunch and Dinner!

    2 credits for a CS? Unbelievable... o_O
  13. MAF

    Pirates Queue

    So sick of WDW ruining the queues with this "interactive" garbage. :rolleyes:
  14. MAF

    Is Avatar to political for a Disney park?

    Avatar would actually have to be an intelligent movie to be "to" political... The movie is trash, and should never have been considered to enter the immaculate WDW parks. #kneejerkreaction
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