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  • Thanks for the info...I never fly so it doesn't really apply to me. Nevertheless, I might give it a look. :)
    Thanks for the heads up, I doubt I'll be able to watch it tonight but we'll definitely DVR it and watch it tomorrow.

    I hope you're doing well!
    Thanks dear....I'll see if I can grab the remote tonight.
    ...I was afraid you were going to tell me you were changing your CA dates again.... :rolleyes:
    nope... no shore this weekend. i had to stay home for my cousin's graduation party but its ok i got some stuff done around the condo. i cannot wait to finally be done painting furniture. i hope the last weekend of baseball for a while went well!
    heya, yeah i saw that... we shall see who we get. I hope its somebody good! I hope you have a great weekend! Baseball as usual?
    The weekend was interesting... I attended what was undoubtedly the most redonkulous wedding I've ever personally seen... eleven bridesmaids, eleven groomsmen, live trumpters fanfaring the bride, operatic tenors singing Ave Maria and Lord's Prayer, reception at the country club, live band, two white limos and a vintage convertible to leave the reception in... then in amidst all the hoity-toityness... the wedding party favors were neon green beer coozies. :veryconfu:

    How was yours? More baseball I know.
    yankees game was good. it wasnt hot and they won 8-0! 3 yankee home runs against the pitiful national league! my next one is against the red sox

    i just saw the thread about ap rates and was going to message you about it but you beat me to it. ill keep my fingers crossed!
    Adam - Your tour sounds great. I can't wait to hear all about it afterwards (perhaps in Sept?). We are spending every w/e traveling (mostly in SC) to Harrison's baseball tournaments. I like watching him play, but it's be good to have a w/e off. We get to take the month of July off and then play thru eoy. We're planning to go to the tournament in Kissimmee right after Christmas again this year. Take care.
    Hey Julie--I leave Orlando on August 1st and return from my tour on August 22nd. I'm really looking forward to it!

    Hope you're Summer has been fun and relaxing!
    if you think you have trouble with airtran check this thread out! http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?p=2958883#post2958883 thats the airport up by my brother's house that ive looked into using a couple times but decided it wasnt worth the trip to save just a little bit of money vs going to good ol' newark. they are supposed to be expanding up there to reduce the rediculousness that is newark, jfk, and laguardia. going well so far i see...
    Our w/e was spend at the another baseball tourney. At least they won on Sunday, which was a nice Father's Day gift to all the dads.
    Howdy! The weekend was pretty good... a lot less hectic than most holidays. Hope you had a great weekend too.
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