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  • Thank you so much for making the Dec ARDs (again)! I can't wait to check my TP email. Have fun at the shore with your nieces. I'll be sweating at the baseball field, as usual.
    I'll check it out...assuming of course I have anything interesting to confess!
    Still hopeful about matching dates for Anaheim!
    Have a good one, thanks for thinking of me!
    Did you just call me Jersey? hehe ok ill join your group, hillbillie. and how does one do a restaurant review "long distance?"
    Sorry, Richard. I realize that the FL seasonal passholders were all but shut out, but I thought you were going on June 6. Don't jump!
    Unfortunately I am unable to attend SWW this year. Look for me on top of a bridge or tall building in the near future.
    Happy post hump day to you! Thanks for your kind words. Hope you have a swingin' weekend!
    sweet! yes we are there the 10th-14th. last year the last day only had a few events so i dont think we'll be missing very much. we left on sunday last year too and it seemed that a lot of other people did the same. im glad we have an extra day in the beginning to hang out and do whatever we want and enjoy the poly and maybe eat at wave.
    aww your poor dog! glad you all made it through ok. that rediculously long email i sent to you had my thoughts on ADRs so give that a looksee too and let me know what you think when you get a minute. talk to you soon!
    Our 16 yr old son plays on a USSSA baseball team out of SC (we live in NC). We have tournaments almost every weekend (off last w/e - rare). This w/e, we're heading to sweltering Florence, SC for a state championship tourney. Wish us luck 'cos if we win we'll be qualified for the big Winter Nationals tourney in Kissimmee after Christmas.

    I hope your weekend - whether hectic or laid-back - is wonderful.
    No real plans yet... sometimes my idea of a good weekend is NOT getting out and doing anything. You?
    Friday is the ADR day so just let me know what you wanna do today or tomorrow and I'll call on Friday. Its crazy here today. We had a wicked storm last night with hail, 70 mph wind, and tons and tons of lightening. all the schools in my area are closed, trees down all over, trains into the city can't run, and 100,000 people have no power. i had none from about 8 last night to 7 this morning, but apparently im lucky cause they are saying some places could be out for days! I hope all is well in Charlotte!
    Weekend was pretty good... Saturday was rather noneventful but Sunday was packed with unexpected guests and such. Hope you have a good Tuesday.
    We can't even sign up until July. I can't wait to find out where they are going to put us. With the march conference we didn't know until about a week or two ahead of time.
    LOL - Crappy Monday. Camping was OK - it was 20 degrees cooler in the NC mtns than at home. A HUGE thunder storm came thru Sat from 5 - 6:30 pm. Lots of thunder and pretty close lightening strikes. Freaked our dog out to no end. How was your w/e?
    Replace the "H" with a "CR" and you'll have a more apt greeting that "Happy Monday" ;) Hope you have a good one, too. How was camping? :lookaroun
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