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  • And it sounds like you're just tickled pink about your upcoming adventure. :lol: Hope it's a tolerable weekend nonetheless. :wave:
    Thank you so much for checking into ADRs and a car. I know I don't need to say this, (but here goes anyway) - please don't release any of our current ADRs until we get the Dec ones situated. I think the CP pks are released in early Aug. If you go with Alamo - be sure to join their "club" before you book to get the best rate possible.

    Again - thank you for handling this. I'll be camping this w/e, so I won't have access to the Internet. How am I going to survive :eek:?
    ohhh that might be a good idea. so we'll aim for tepan edo for cp package when they release them, one night for december down. and wcc on mk day so another night down. ill get to yak & yeti at some point id rather do cg. ill look into it more tomorrow or over the weekend. im also going to look into a car for september over the weekend. hope you had a good day!
    Eating on the cheap works for me. I still want to try Tepan Edo - maybe snag a Dec ADR there and then cancel Sept to spread it out? Or do TE with CP pkg? I can pass on Y&Y sit-down, but I'm also fine with keeping it if YOU want to experience it - their table service menu is much different/better than CS (IMHO)Thanks again for wrangling ADRs!
    hehe i figured that would be the case but i wanted to double check. we have a week to worry about the adrs so ill look into some places and get your stamp of approval before calling. and ill base it off last years schedule and hope for the best. if we do CG in sept i might want to pass on a couple of the other adrs for the weekend and try to eat on the cheap. well wait to see what the schedule is going to be like for the weekend and go from there. have a good day!
    Yes, I want to do CP - are you kidding me? I think we should do the pkg - just to be safe. The lunch is a rip-off, so stick to the 2 evening performances (I prefer the last show, if possible). I don't care where eat - whatever stricks your fancy will tickle me pink. Sure, I'd like to eat at WCC - how about lunch on a day we think we'll be at the MK? I'm glad you want to see the WL all decked out for the holidays - it's awesome! I've eaten almost everywhere except GF (which we have booked for Sept) and the Italian place in WS (which is VERY $$$$). I'm not sure about Wave - your thoughts?
    they havent posted any sort of schedule at all... not even what days will be dedicated to what parks. do you wanna do a cp package again this year? ill definitely want to see cp and i figured you would too. we could always make some adrs and hope for the best and then move some things around if need be. look at some menus and let me know if there are any requests! perhaps something at WL so ill have an excuse to see it decorated
    Live video from WDW is a clear and present danger to my productivity. :lol:
    Hope Tuesday goes well for you, despite lowered expectations. ;)
    heya! the movie was really good and i highly recommend it. i havent looked at that thing yet because i figured id be glued to it plus i was an appraiser conference all day yesterday, but perhaps i'll take a gander later. the picture was at my friends birthday in the city last summer and i just happened to have it on my computer so i stuck it in. I hope you're recovering from your baseball weekend!
    Hi Adam - It's nice to hear from you. No worries about a late reply - school comes first! I'm glad you will be going on the coaster tour and can't wait to hear all about it in Sept. I'm coming down @ 6pm on Sept 24 in order to do the tours on the 25th. Yeah!
    Hey Julie,

    Sorry about my much delayed responses but this week is all about final exams, and my nose has been in the books every day for the last week and a half. I did in fact get to ride Toy Story Mania and The Simpsons Ride, both of which I enjoyed alot.

    I am still doing the coaster tour this Summer, from August 1 to August 22. Yes, three weeks of coasters!

    Hope all is well with you, Harrison and your family!

    Hi Matt - Same here, April was wild and I don't know where the time went. Plus, I had my 16-yr old son with me and he'd think it 'weird' that I was meeting "strangers" while on vacation. I just saw your trip itinerary and it looks like we're going to miss each other by a couple of days. I think you'll be leaving on Dec 7, right? I'll be arriving on Dec 10!
    I hate that we didn't get to meet up back in April like we had planned to. Hopefully we'll get another opportunity in the future. If you're ever in Ingles here in Cashiers be sure to say hi!

    Happy Monday to you. I'm pooped after the baseball tournament in Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA (for my 16-yr old), but that's the life of a traveling USSSA baseball player (and his parents).
    There you are! I wish I could go see "that" movie this w/e. Don't tell me about it 'cos I want to see it soon. Sounds like you'll be having a fun, girly w/e. Enjoy!
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