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  • Is this where you saw the crane on Dec 10?

    Looking like travel for Nov. is not working well for a CA stop.
    Keep in touch, I'm sure we'll overlap before long.
    Help, how do I set up a countdown clock? I've filled in all the details in 'additional information' days ago ... what now??
    Tee he - I like Kristen's Signature!! :)
    I'm getting very excited - I feel in the Christmas spirit already!
    i've seen that before but its been a while. i'll have to browse sometime to get me in the spirit... like i really need help!
    Just been trying to look at room availability for WDW in december. According to the system there is nothing! I selected POP for the duration of MouseFest. It suggested a Suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge for $2100 a night!!!!! I did find a flight with Virgin Atlantic and hotel 1m away from WDW for £382 for 5 nights which I thought was very good. Only problem is I wouldn't get the extra magic hours. I'll have to ring up Disney later - I'm starting to think there is something wrong with their booking system!
    I did have a look at flights for December. Was thinking that I could pop over just for 4 days or something, and do some extra overtime at work before then so I can take it as leave. Really want to see WDW at Christmas again. At the moment flights are still very pricey - hoping that they might come down as the price of oil here has plummeted.
    I love the posters! I saw your countdown to WDW in December - I'm sooooo jealous ! If I had some annual leave, I would be so there at the MouseFest!! :)
    yes... and did again today...

    your hair will be frizzy and mine will just lay there like a limp string. we'll be a hot pair.

    i got my nails done before and wound up giving wdw advice to the woman sitting next to me for like 20 minutes after work.

    gotta pack! see you in 23 hours!!!
    i saw! did you read the article? i hope its true

    the brit texted me and told me its rediculously humid... be prepared for a sweatie trip

    see you tomorrow!!!
    i'm SOL on this one... my dad might shoot me if i went 3 times between now and december and i dont have any holiday time until thanksgiving. perhaps if things continue to be slow there will be more deals to be had over the winter/spring. ill be keeping my fingers crossed. at this time a week from now ill be claiming you at baggage claim!!
    Yep, we're good to go for the tour. :) I've been spending the past few days putting the finishing touches on the history walk and getting the printed schedules ready to go.
    Thanks... we're getting there. LOL.

    I've got to remember to bring your special visitor with me. :)
    He's all intent on buying a condo in the near future even though he can't afford it so he's put the kabash on our hypothetical trip. So you're stuck with me! I saw the thread too. We can always call during our trip and see whats available and then decide. We can always do the make ressie and cancel if need be. Leave it to us to be planning another trip this far out... I'll email you back soon I've just been trying to get organized at the office and the house after the holiday.
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