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  • Hey! I haven't talked to you in forever! I hope all is going well. When does school start for you?
    So, I talked w/ the parents... we aren't going to Disney in the summer :(... but we are going to Hawaii :)!!! It was a surprise from Dad and we want to take my grandma b/c she just turned 70 this month and it has been her dream to go there. I'm not complaining!!! Maybe I'll be able to go to Disney around Christmas or early next year then! We will see!!
    haha, going okay... still debating to do solo or not.... I have about 3 weeks of PTO before my review in June... when I'll get another 3 weeks, so deciding if I want to wait until June and get some of my PTO paid out... blah blah blah.... and I am going to talk my dad to see if him and my mom were interested in going... tee hee hee.
    I know, I know.... I've stayed at AKL the past 8 trips... and have yet to try it... I'm terrible ():)
    LOL.. you are just like me!! Half of the fun in Disney is FOOD!!!! I may have to make an ADR for Liberty Tree Tavern... and maybe try Boma for a first!!
    Hmmm hmmm, I didnt think of PORS, but if I can afford it, why not! I do like the property. Another question, do you ever do table service on a solo trip?? I am not sure I would enjoy it as much as being with my family and other people. Sorry for all the questions! Hope your weekend went well!
    Thats a good idea too, maybe I'll see when a magic meet is too... What resort do you stay at when you are doing a solo trip? I've stayed at Pop and All-star Movies... I think I like Pop better... I will be asking you many questions, since you are a pro at it!! :)
    I am not sure yet. Anywhere between now and Sept? LOL. Wide range, I know. I was almost seeing if Lou Mongello is getting a group together to meet up over the summer. If I go by myself, I would like to meet up with other fellow Disney Freaks :)
    Good to know the tours! I've always wanted to see the catacombs of the MK... I think thats what they are called anyway.... and I DEF want to do the Segway tour too.. That would be cool (that is if I dont fall off the Segway). I have stay at PORS, but its been at least since 2002. I think the first time I stayed in AKl was 2003, so before that was CB or PORS. I guess I should change it up a bit. PORS I know is a little more private than POFQ. I do like relaxing at AKL. Maybe I'll just suck it up and save...... :)
    LOL, I totally understand!! I think I would like to do the Behind the Seeds tour, and maybe another one in MK. I know Lou Mongello has some 'self-guided' tour stuff around too... so I may look into those. I tend to get lonely by myself, but I think in Disney it would be a neat experience. We will see!
    I am not sure, -- anytime really, I guess-- but I may be going solo this year. My sister and her boyfriend are looking at going in Sept, and I am not sure if my parents are going yet, so I may try it!! I've heard good things, the only downside is that I probably won't stay at AKL..... but I may have to try.... I love it :)
    Hey!!! Just seeing what you are up too! I am in the works of planning another trip to the World..... getting excited!!!!
    I know you are a member of D23 so I have a question for you. When you got your card and it said register at,what did you do?
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