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  • Adam - Congratulations on winning the BPoA National Historian position! The journalist in me sees this as a fantastic opportunity in many ways.

    I'm doing fine, thank you for asking. Harrison is playing on a South Carolina baseball team, so we travel (from NC) nearly every weekend to watch him play. Any parent wants to see their child succeed, but it's a good thing that I really like baseball :D.

    Congratulations again! Take care and keep in touch.
    Hey Julie! After a week long campaign, I am happy to say that I was elected as the Business Professionals of America National Historian! Its a really great position for me thanks to my reporter experiences over the last three years--plus, I am not only the first Floridian officer, but I am the first officer in the organization's history to have started in the middle school pilot program! It was a fantastic week, and I'm extremely excited about my new job and the team that I will be working with!

    So how are things with you doing?
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