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  • Thanks, Dave :wave: You actually hit most of the landmarks we're hoping to see! We've done plenty of homework, I think we're ready. All we need is nice weather and we're good to go :cool:
    O hai :wave: Thought I'd answer you here in case you miss it in PAD. Jackie and I are going to NYC Fri. 4/23 and we leave early Mon. 4/26. It's a short trip, but we're going to try to do a few good things while we're there, as neither of us has been before. We're shooting for Empire State Building, World's Fairgrounds, Mary Poppins on Broadway and various other things we just want to *see*. :D
    Oh thats great! I'm excited there are other Clemson fans around. I'm still in school here. Love the university, But I get kinda bored in the town.
    I don't really keep in touch with him anymore. He's on my Facebook list, but that's about it. However, Rain spotted him at MK this week so he's still there!
    Answer posted about nametags. Hope the site I provided is reliable, I just ordered... :lol:
    Thanks! Since high school I've been intrigued by photography and finally treated myself to a DSLR camera just before our trip. Merry Christmas to me! I've got a lot to learn.

    I love the tilt/shift effect. Here's a link to the youtube photoshop tutorial I used: Achieving this effect is surprisingly easy (and quick). Here's my favorite I've done, it's of Ocho Rios, Jamaica:

    The tats are mine ... my early Xmas present to myself. Had them done on the 23rd. Have another on my ankle, more of a "hidden mickey" than anything else.
    Snow yesterday and again today though no accumulation. They had 4 inches in Sullivan county (just above me) and they expect a total of 7 inches by Saturday night.
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