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  • Crickets, indeed. :lol: This week has been nutso... not as bad teechnical-wise as last week, but heavy workload. By the way.. if you want to hear 3 1/2 hours of pure radio genius :lookaroun hop on over to magic981.com this afternoon from 3PM-6:30PM (eastern) and click the "listen live" button under the logo. I'm filling in on afternoon drive today.

    Hope you have a good weekend!
    id be ok with that... we'll have to see what the flyer says when we get into our room. lets just remember to grab it before we head out on departure day so we don't have to make a stink at the desk again like last year. unless of course you like making a stink...
    the weekend was good until mama helmstetter had to go to the hospital yesterday. she's fine now but the abulance came and the whole nine yards. i was going to email you later anyway so ill tell you more about it then.

    i'm glad you enjoyed your weekend with your mommy!
    ill sit through painful pocahontas if you want in september but dont say i didnt warn you.

    have fun with your mom! im staying home this weekend to get highlights and a haircut. a girls got to have her priorities.
    Happy Friday to you! Oy, what a week! Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. :lol:
    I suppose that's not totally fair... a few good things happened this week, but not many!

    Glad you're at least getting a break from the tents and baseball routine... and a girls day at the beach sound like loads of fun! :lookaroun
    sweet. i think i saw them once when i was like 16 they should be fun and id much rather see them than most of the other acts. most of them are a bit before my time hehe.
    of course they win a close game the night i'm not there... i got to sit through the slaughter on thursday instead. i hope your holiday was great! the 4th was a gorgeous day until we arrived back at the beach for the fireworks where it promptly started to rain as sat as we put our tushes in our beach chairs. hehe the weather wasn't very a cooperative but a good time was had by all nonetheless.
    Fireworks were excellent this year... about a 20-minute show. Only issue was heavy rain in the area made the smoke hang low, so a lot of them were obscured... but still it was phenomenal. :) The rest of the holiday weekend was great... just a lot of relaxing and making a pig out of myself. :lol:
    No work so far today. :) Hope you enjoy your mini-vacation... sound like our small town... population of about 900 people, but it has one of the premier fireworks displays in the region. :)
    I *supposedly* have Friday off. We'll see what happens in real life. :lol: Hope you have an excellent holiday weekend.
    Greetings - We do kind of have the same hair style. I've had 'em all and every color under the sun over the years, too.
    JFK is a nightmare... I'd avoid it if I were you unless you were desperate or it was REALLY cheap. And for the record I've never had to sit out on the runway for very long hehe.
    In regards to the closure of PI, I can't say I'm too excited or upset either way, considering that I never really experienced any of it. I've never been to any of the clubs (including the Adventurer's Club and Comedy Warehouse) and my few memories of the area take place at the former Superstar Video store (or something similar to that title) where I recorded several faux-music videos with my brother on VHS, including one to Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus (I was probably 1 or 2), but I still have the video.

    I am excited to say that the World Wide Weekend will take the closure of PI into account, in more ways than one! We are working on some new surprises for this event that I think will go over really well...
    We were just there yesterday and will probably buzz down on Thursday, too. Business is slow and we are taking full advantage of it! But I sure hope business picks up soon...:)
    maybe i should talk to my dad about giving me a raise so i can get a better cable package and get the travel channel. sigh... im gonna have to put up with the crazy airlines huh? theres no way im driving to get my mickey fix
    Thanks for the heads up. Since we live in the area of WDW (and used to work there), it won't affect us, but still good information.

    Hope you're having a good one!
    i was going to respond to your email later and tell you that my stupid, stupid cable company doesn't include the travel chanel in its basic cable package. i miss it i used to watch it all of the time and i didn't get to see any of the seasons of disney. its on itunes so at some point ill probably watch it from that. you'll have to tell me what they said about the doom and gloom. and i hope USairways comes to their senses for the December trip!
    Howdy... sorry I've been scarce lately. Work has jumped on me with a vengance, and at night the PI closure has had us scrambling to realign our event.
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