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  • That is pretty cool. I do have facebook. It got popular when I was a senior and I'm surprised its still cool this long. Myspace lost its novelty, but I still like facebook.
    meh, if you get free dining you have to pay rack rate for the room. i think we get just as good of a deal with the AP discount. But if we need an excuse to stay at a deluxe, now we have one hehe.

    Our trip is coming up quick!
    hey there. Weekend was pretty good... ended up going to Atlanta for the Braves Radio Network Affiliates Weekend, so a weekend with free baseball, free food, and free hotel, can't be all that bad, huh? :) Glad your ex-post-facto hootenanny went well. :)
    heya. ohhhh sparkly things! hehe you deserve them! im glad your party was a success. my weekend was pretty good. i got to see some skidmore girls but i miss the beach. i sent you an email yesterday about our upcoming trip and a little assignment i just got. talk to you soon!
    its 9/28-11/25, 11/29-12/3, and 12/13-12/23 5day/6 night at a value for $371 per person double occupancy for hotel and 1 park per day ticket. its actually not a bad deal huh? hope you have a good weekend! im staying home cause im going to a bachelorette party in the city tomorrow night
    so apparently you've moved to my parents' house. you got a discount code coupon addressed to you at their address. its an ok deal but def not as good as 40% at poly! i read on tp that discounts were coming for the same time period so it doesnt sound like this is even anything that special. i just think its hilarious that it came to my parents house. my dad said he was going to throw it out and then saw it was addressed to julie and figured it must be you. hope you're having a good day!
    yes, we'll have to see george one last time. did you know the presidential seal in the carpet in the lobby is the only other official one like it other than the one in the white house? all others are slightly different somehow. i like that little tidbit. anywho, ill write back to you about your flight drama soon! hope you're having a good day!
    its ok. im back at work today and i think im going down the shore today. im stuffy but at least my throat doesnt hurt anymore. i hope you have a great weekend!! more baseball?
    hehe nice. i hope they enjoy it and know what a good mommy they have for getting it for them :). nothing new here just counting the days until our next trip and painting furniture. i should FINALLY be done painting next week but then its onto the new bunch of surveys that should be arriving any day... talk to you soon!
    not bad. stayed home cause it was my best friend from skidmore's birthday so there was a shindig in the city friday night. otherwise just hung out and worked on the condo. i'm finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! talk to you soon!
    Slammed, myself, between this two-day concert hootenanny and the fact that we're basically overhauling the station this week too... new music, new logo, etc... I'm swamped. :lol:
    have a great weekend!! i've had a I need to go do disney right now kinda week so i'm so happy its over. remind me to tell you about my second trip to the hospital this week. it wasnt for anyone in the fam, not to worry. Mickey would make me feel better hehe.
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