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  • same here! I applied for the disney college program for spring! yes it has been along time since we chatted! hope all is well :)
    im great our power went out lol bc of the storms and came on a littel while ago lol. i am transfring to a school and boston adn am going to disney in july. how r u glad the hawks one. i was in boston for a wedding and orientation got to see a sox game but sad celtics didnt win lol what r u upto?

    And I am getting so sick of people PMing me or leaving me messages on my page! SHeeeeeesh! They all want to meet up or have me take a picture of something! *headdesk*
    I understand that totally.
    I love words and the different ways of expressing them.
    It's cathartic.

    Nice chatting with you. Gotta go now.
    Good night!
    I thought it might be something like that.
    Sometimes things just have to have an outlet.
    I'm sure it helped...first to write it, and secondly to share it.
    Just wanted to comment semi-privately on your "Time" piece.
    Very nicely done. Did you write it for any special reason?
    thanks for the kind words. it was great hearing from you. its so hard makeing a decision. its like eating at me lol. anyways i hope you have a great weekend and ill try leaving a visitors message. thanks again for the warm welcome back
    stressed. basically irish dance trip to disneyland canceled, i dont care im going this summer anyway. also i m leaving for panama city beach and to look at 2 college b/f i am makeing my decision. i also am happy for fall break im going to disney world with friends, and to the atlantis for spring break. i am so glad to be back on the boards, i was haveing with drawls. on saint patricks day as i was going from performance to performance ( i am an irish dancer) im like i need to come back to wdw magic when i have time. i am going to at least come on once a week and make at least 1 post or what not. i am so happy to be back, but i cant let my grades slip. i have worked way to hard for the grades i have, and i cannot get seniorities
    I'm good.
    Just catching up with people I haven't in a while and about to make dinner.
    Thanks for checking on me! I'm doing really well. Got all kinds of new life planz going on...you heard? ;)
    hey, pooch.... sorry to leave you hanging in the forum tonight... i had a buddy call an keep me on the phone for an hour. :lol:
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