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  • I can't wait to hear all about it! What was your favorite part??? Are you going to do a trip report?
    Were doing well here Liz, it's been a mild winter but Im sooo ready for spring! I sure wish I was in Disney for the xtra Disney day!! :(
    Thank You! Actually yes, I'm attempting to get a group of my friends together in May to hopefully see some of the new additions. How about yourself?
    Hey Liz! Hope you're doing well too. Baby is due in just a few days - we're hoping she comes on time! I'm so excited. =-)
    Great! Where are you staying?? So excited to start to hear all the details. Things are good. I will PM you about everything going on. :)
    Hey Liz, hope all is well, we can talk about the Yankees when spring training starts :(
    Hey there! How are you? It's been forever since I have been on the boards! How are you? what's new? HUGS!
    It goes btwn. Florida and South Carolina.. all in what comes out of the research.... Winters getting too long and cold, taxes crazy as well as cost of living and expenses and time for a change :)) Yes we are excited .. vaca. is right around the corner:)
    Hi :) I just saw that you left me a message back in June about your trip! My Goodness how did I miss that??? Glad you had a good time... crowds stink but being in Disney beats not being in Disney :) I am well.. we are anticipating out Sept. 12th trip and we are also meeting with a real estate person while there.. we may be moving to Florida.
    I hope you are right! Things have gone so quick to this point I don't see why these next 40 some odd days would be any different.

    Never been there before. Actually, it will be the first Disney hotel we've stayed at, which is pretty exciting. We did stay at the Swan last trip but this will be a little differnet, I'm sure.
    Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Sounds like you guys had a good trip...that's awesome. I completely know how you feel with the withdrawals. My wife and I went to Disneyland in June for a few days and as soon as we got back home we wanted to go back! Oh well just over a month to go before we are back in the World.

    We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. I can't wait to check in.
    Hi Liz! Good to hear from you. Yes, the trip is coming up quickly. Seems like only yesterday we had over 200 days to go but time sure has gone quickly. We are both really excited about it.

    How was your last trip? I keep looking for a trip report but haven't seen anything just yet....
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