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  • Hey! I noticed in one of your previous posts that you also collect the Disney Storybook Ornaments. By any chance do you have a list of all of them ever made?? I'm also a collector of them and would love to see how far off I am from having them all! Ive googled the question and no one seems to have a large enough collection to help. Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Don't have:
    jungle book
    JoJos Circus
    Sleeping Beauty
    Kim Impossible
    Finding Nemo
    Nightmare before Christmas
    Lilo and Stitch
    Monsters Inc
    Mickey Throughout the Years - black and white
    Disney Fairies
    Mickey Band
    101 Dalmations
    Chicken Little
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Little Mermaid

    That's all I know :)
    THANKS SO MUCH!!! I didn't know about several of those. I'll add to the list too with some I have!

    There are actually two different Little Mermaid sets...one has Ariel 3 times, and the other set has Prince Eric and Ursula.

    They also made one for Mulan, Brother Bear, and the Casting Call Love and Laughter set.

    Thanks so much again for your help!
    I forgot one! Pirates of the Caribbean-Mickey and Friends version!
    Hey Disneygirl76 my wife and I as well our Dad are big Disney pin traders. I didn't know if you guys pin trade or if you have any pin traders in the area since we all live pretty close to one another. My wife and I live in Fredericksburg and Dad live in Manassas. Just thought I'd ask! Also I enjoyed your trip reports!
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    Thank you! My DH and I don't pin trade. We never really got into it. Probably for the best...I already spend so much money there! HA! :) We love living in Alexandria!
    Hey Carey!!! Hope you're well. I wanted to drop by to let you know we finally booked our disneymoon!!!!!!! 11 nights ahhhhhh sweet sweet disney for all those days with my husband!!
    11 nights! WOO HOO!! That is so fun! SO fun!!! So happy for you!
    God bless you and your husband in your quest to start a family. I loved reading your trip report. :)
    Thank you so much! More will come next week. Praying for good and happy news.
    See I knew you'd understand! Matt was against it, but I couldn't resist. I made an ADR for Garden Grill today too. It must be an empty week, I was looking at things that were available, and pretty much anything is - even 'Ohana & Le Cellier which are usually booked up! Excited for small crowds. =)
    Hello! Thanks again for your help with November planning! I just booked CRT breakfast - probably ridiculous for a 1 year old. But I was excited! =-)
    I hope you are having the most Magical time!!!!
    Yes unfortunately! We had a GREAT trip!!!!!!! We were super relaxed and really enjoyed it as always. I want to be there now!
    Hi, sorry I hadn't responded. I just noticed that I had a message. My email is eshramko@hotmail.com Thanks again for taking the time to help a stranger out. See you in the World someday!
    Hi, I saw a post of your's from a while back commenting on the touring plan's crowd levels for August and was wondering if you could check out the dates that we will be there? It will be my son's first trip and I am hoping that the lines won't be too rough for a 3-year-old in the August Florida Heat! We are going from August 21 through August 29. I hope you are not offended that I am asking you to do this. If you can't, no worries. Thanks for your time and help. - Eric
    Hey Carey!! Our trip was so great-haven't been on much due to computer issues and a lot going on here. Glad you enjoyed your getaway and so glad you booked again!!!!!! How was it??
    Just read the afternoon tea thread & posted some pics. I'm glad you loved it as much as I did! We did the same tea package as you - was delicious. The day we got back from Disney we found out we're having a little girl, so I already can't wait to take her there one day!
    Hey! I am doing well - how are you? Sorry I didn't get your message sooner! I'm actually in Disney World this week w/family so I haven't been online at all. I will check out the planning section to see about that boardwalk villas question - we stayed there 2 years ago. We're at the Beach Club villas this year & I really prefer the boardwalk villas! I'll post my whole trip report next week. I'm doing the GF tea w/my mom tomorrow - I will def. let you know how that goes as I see you have it booked too!
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