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  • I've found no matter what time you get off, there is almost always other people waiting with you (both to get on the bus, and walking back to the apartments). And if you feel uncomfortable, there is security around). Something else- if I was ever nervous in a place, I would just call someone on my phone and talk to them until I reached my destination. If you have any other questions, let me know :)
    The Hou- is for Houston, TX (area we live)
    The Cuse- I'm a Syracuse U Alum
    And Chickie is my favorite of my nicknames
    -I'm awful with giving people pronunciations

    As for trip lengths- it depends on where we're going. Vegas and NOLA are never more than 4 days. Those are almost always kid free trips + there's only so much of that you can take. 1 wk seems to be DH's max for WDW and FL or the northeastern US in general. Ski trips would be 5 days to a little over a week...only so much of that which I can take. Yellowstone and Grand Teton was a week and a half. We were looking at that range or a little longer for Alaska and the UK. Hawaii and Australia would be best for at least 2 wks, but we'll have to see how things go. We went to Europe once for a little over 3 wks and DH was begging to go home towards the end of wk 2. We want to travel more now that the kids are a little bit older, but TX is very strict on attendance laws, so we'll see.
    Thank you! Actually, when I was younger I referred to the trees outside of the Contemporary as 'posicle trees' because I thought that they looked like push-pops. Sadly, they are gone now.
    Thank you.....There is no meaning...it's just something to catch your eye. I was just playing around with the line separating the body of text with the signature and decided to repeat it several times then add some extra formatting.
    The best place is at www.toys2.net, the are the official Hot Toys North American distributor. The prices are good but the shipping can get high depending on their location, if you want to save a few bucks though you could wait until Sideshow Collectibles in Los Angeles gets it in which will be a few months after Toys2 but the shipping prices are much cheaper. None of the UP stuff is released yet but I'd watch those pages.
    Tis ok. Time flies. Yes he is at a great age. Though, we are leaving him behind when we go down in three weeks....Hey when the parents offer to watch him for a week....I figured I should enjoy it while I can!
    I had him back in February of 09' I found out I was expecting with him two weeks after we went in May of 08'
    Haha oh thank you! We took that of us on Dumbo...we thought it would be funny to try to look scared on the least scariest ride ever!
    No, I don't have an official school vacation, but my principal is allowing me to take the time off if I make up my time this summer. So after July 1, I'll be going in and working on various tasks until I've made up my time for Disney!
    Hey Kashmir, what poll did you want me to start? And I was wondering who's Steve? Alrighty then hahaha, you can just message me back I guess.
    I don't have a list per-say of last minute info but I can answer pretty much any question you might have.
    Hi! Try going to the trip planning forum. Also, you could try sending Master Yoda or any of the other Kingdom Konsultants group a PM and ask for advice. They're all very knowledgeable and helpful.
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