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  • hey! ~ i was wondering if you'd ever been to disneyland? i have never been, but just found out we are going to be going this fall. I'm absolutely clueless about everything d-land. I'm trying to research it, but I thought I'd try a few of my d-world friends first =-)
    No, I haven't tried MM's yet. You know, I am not a big fan of the TS options at DHS though. :( I don't like the theme of Sci Fi and the food at Prime Time is not my favorite. Brown Derby is lovely and delictios but 2 TS credits. So that leaves Mama's. we were going to do that this time - but the night we'll be at DHS - there is no Fantasmic. It's an EMH night and I guess they don't do the show on the same night as EMH's. Of course, they did add and extra EMH hour already - maybe they'll add the show!! :) I've just been checking out menus and making some notes on what sounds good where! nom nom nom :)
    its incredible....we went in september, the first week was just 'normal' MK, then at the beginning of our second week, we went to MK in the evening for Spectromagic, then back the following morning and it was a completely different place!
    Mickey's 'Not So Scary' Halloween Party was actually a little scary, had a massive thunderstorm meaning the 9pm fireworks were cancelled, but they were well worth waiting till 11:30 for the 2nd show.
    Check out my new pic, it was taken that night, it looks like daylight as I managed to take a pic of Cinderella's Castle just as lightning struck!
    Hello my friend!! Congrats on finals being over! Yippee!!!! I think one of our trips - we'll just play the dining by ear - see where the trip takes us - only making a few at our faves. I like that idea!!! We have talked about that before. But for this trip - we are going food crazy! ha ha It's more like - where aren't we!! We have ADR's for Cali Grill, Rose and Crown, Le Cellier, Boma, Ohana, Crystal Palace Biergartan, Cinderella's Round Table, Yachtsmen, Kona, Akerhaus and 1900 Park Fare! nom nom nom! hee hee We are doing the Deluxe Dining b/c we wanted to try some Signature Experiences. This is going to be the mother of all trips - and we wouldn't be able to do it but with out the buy 4/get 3 deal, it made it possible. :eek:) Which ADR's are you going to make?
    hey thanks for friending..everest is awesome. love the whole backwards thing as well. just wish the yeti was back up an running. none the less i still ride it anyway!
    I figured that one out- but what if I want to create a new post in the forum? thanks again-
    When you go in January are there still Christmas decorations up? I have always wanted to see that! Have you seen the Osborne Family Lights live?
    Hi there!!! :) At this moment...15 days, 13 hours, 43 minutes...i can't type fast enough to get the seconds! ha ha How are you? How goes your planning?
    Hi there, and thanks. It's kinda grown on me too. :lol:

    I like your username too...it tells me exactly where you fall in the princess hierarchy.
    Ok- one more silly question-- anytime I wanted to post a message in the forums- I would type a message and click on "post message" and it would post it on my own page and not the forum page-- can you help me with this?- thank you from a challenged forum user-
    Hi DisneyPrincess5- I see you love the Polynesian Resort- I love to eat breakfast at the Kona Cafe ( tonga toast !!) but I have not stayed there- what are the things you love about it? Another silly question ( as I am not very computer savvy)- how does everyone get marked as "just joined" - "to senior member"? Thanks
    Yes. I like the games, fun way to keep Disney on the brain! I see you also like San Angel Inn, it gets a bad rap but I love it.
    Yes it is a right of passage! Character dinings are the best! Chef Mickey's is one of my favorite character meals - and I've done the princess ones too which were also fun. Akershus really has better food than CRT, but there's something about eating in the castle that is magical. I've done Ohana at dinner and it's excellent - I've never done the breakfast. We love California Grille & Kona Cafe & Boma....all amazing places. You really can't go wrong at most places in Disney. That's the problem though - this past trip we felt like we made too many ADR's and kind of lived by them. We just couldn't make any cuts!
    thanks.....that was my dads and I used to ride BTMRR over and over and over. Matter of fact when he calls me his ringing is that opening safety speil.
    Yeah we were upset about the tour thing at first, but it ended up being not a huge deal. Our tour guide was actually awesome too, so I'm glad we ended up getting her. I LOVED Crystal Palace that early. It's nice to be in the park before open, when everything is still & quiet. I think that's somewhere we'll probably go again next time. Do you know where all you want to eat in January?
    Got my trip report up - I fear it's a little long. I tend to overwrite! =-) Can't wait to see what you think of the Segway tour when you get to do it!
    Will do! I just finished uploading the pictures into a WDWmagic album. Took forever doing 3 at a time. The highlight of my trip was waking up Tinkerbell - I've wanted to do that for years. I didn't knock out any children to do it - haha. They all went & did it, and as I was leaving the store, the CM asked if I was a big kid and wanted to do it again. Of course I said yes, haha. =-) It was a magical moment.
    Hey! Just got back - it was awesome! I'm working on a trip report, but I want to get all the pictures up first so it might take me a few days. The Segway tour is amazing, you will love it! I agree that it was too short - I was just getting used to the thing. I'll post my whole story about it, because we all drama with our tour. It was great though!
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