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  • Thanks again for another food tip - I have my dining plans booked - but I might have to try to squeeze this one in for a dinner!
    Thank You! I think the same thing whenever I read your posts, lol. I guess our kids are about the same age right, mine are 2, 5, 6 and our oldest is 13.
    Hi - was just reading some posts and thought your member picture was cute, I LOVE Kona Cafe too - I have not stayed at the Poly "yet" maybe someday, I usually stay at the Caribbean Beach. I always make sure I go to the Kona cafe at least once each trip, I always get the Tonga Toast-YUMMMM! What are your fav. dishes you have had there?
    Oh do they? I don't like to drink, so I'd never know!
    Very cool! So people can sip a margarita and watch everyone complain about their food and service :lol:
    Haha yes San Angel Inn gets a terrible rap...not so sure why. We've always had great meals and service there...plus you can't beat the atmosphere. Guess it's just some people's cup of tea.
    Hi there :)
    Thanks for the friend request...we seem to post in the ABC Disney Style thread and now the TNP thread a lot!
    The first few times I was at WDW was with my parents, so I didn't have a whole lot of say in the matter, and at that age, I don't think it made that big a difference to me.

    Our last trip was offsite and we'll never do that again. It was such a hassle getting to and from the parks each day. We would much rather spend a little extra cash and stay onsite. At the end of the trip, the money we spent on cabs and transport would be less then the extra cash spent on a WDW hotel
    Hey, thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it. Every time i have visited WDW, we have been offsite but thats going to change from here on out.

    We were looking at the Music resort as well, but with the advice I have received today, I'm thinking we will probably go with POP. Of course, I'll have to make sure my DW is good with that!

    Thanks again!
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