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  • Thank you!! And congrats on your son =-) We find out what we're having the day we get back, I really wish we knew beforehand so I could stock up!
    No, I am from Northern Virginia, born and raised. My sister took a teaching job down there about the same time my parents decided to buy a home away from the hustle and bustle of the DC area. So I am down there every so often.
    Dif. My sister lives in Cary now, and teaches in Raleigh but I have a lot of family in Smithfield/Clayton. I just thought it was really cool I mean most people look at me and say where in the world is Smithfield. Small world in deed.
    Hello! This is totally random, but I saw that you are from Smithfield NC! And here I thought I was the only one that actually knew where Smithfield was-my parents own a house down there-
    Happy anniversary to you too! I bought my husband a subscription to the paper, haha. He got me a stock in Disney! It's cute, it came framed with characters on it. He was more creative than I was. =-)
    Aw, congratulations!! How wonderful you're going to be a dad! I don't blame you for not wanting to go away & spend the money. We decided to do the "traditional" anniversary gifts, just to test our creative sides, haha. Year one is paper - I was thinking maybe concert tickets? I dunno. I just can't believe how quick the year has gone.
    Hey! ~ So, our one year anniversary to our significant others is coming up! We celebrated early with a Disney trip - so I have to pretend my anniversary is over now, haha. We're going to do the traditional "paper" gift....I have NO idea what to get!
    Hi there.
    Just saw a post of yours and I read your signature...I love when the narrator says that on Big Thunder Mountain!! Great quote.
    Crowd levels should be relaxed a lot from last week and the early part of this week. MK will still be heaviest. Best suggestion I could make is to get up for park openings, especially EMH morning openings. Don't get trampled by the rush to Soarin or Toy Story Mania, but head in that direction if you do wish to ride, and get a FP.
    I know what you mean, busy with work & family stuff so I haven't been on for a while either! I hope you had a Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well.....hope you and your family have a safe holiday. Take care.
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