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  • Thanks for the insight. I think we are sorta leaning towards POP but it's still somewhat up in the air. The fact that it has a separate bus line is a big plus though. I'll let you know which way we go when we do in fact book our next trip!
    in case you didn't see my post, your quote on the spanish warning on the monorail is awesome...was so stuck in my head after i got back from disney a few weeks ago....por favor mantengan.......man o man...great stuff!
    Thank you for the kind words on my WDW pictures! Photography is a hobby for me but one that I am quite serious about and WDW is a fantastic place to shoot.
    Thanks for the add as well! I do enjoy that thread, people can come up with pretty creative stuff. It's fun to read
    Hey! Thanks! - we leave on Monday, I'm very excited! Friends of ours who are there said the crowds aren't nearly as bad as they thought they'd be so that's good news. Will let you know how the Segways go=-)
    Thanks for the message. I love photography and I enjoy sharing with others. It's really great that we can share with others on this board. Keep taking great pictures and share them with us. Happy shooting!!!
    I will give you the full report! The thing that really roped me in was knowing we could bring a camera, since we couldn't on the Keys tour. Being able to take pictures of an empty World Showcase is priceless. I am seriously a klutz though, I'm assuming I will fall & break something, haha. It was the one thing my husband really wanted to do on the trip, so we're going to give it a try. Thanks for the review link, I don't think I've read those ones yet. It does seem like everyone loved it!!
    Hello there tight back :)
    I can only imagine. Of course watching someone else suffer through it is my idea of funny.
    Now if only this weren't a family site, I would recite Clark's whole rant in the the car.

    You know....."I think your all.......in the head..." :)

    hey! disneygirl76 told me you booked the Segway tour too - we have it booked for our trip in 10 days. Just did it last minute, lucky there were openings! Have you heard anything about it? I read some reviews, and it all looked pretty good. I haven't actually talked to anyone personally who has done it though. Wondered if you had?
    Thanks for your help with my countdown! :0) Love your New York Yankees Logo at the bottom! We seem to have the same favorite restaurant. Anyways thanks again. Nice to meet ya. - GreenyT
    Do you work nearby Disney or live in the area. My parents live 5 min from AKL. We don't stay there though, I like feeling like I'm on vacation while I'm at Disney.
    I may book our next Disney vacation very soon, I love Mickey's not So Scary Halloween Party, we are thinking of going in October sometime. I count down the days as soon as I make the reservations. I know the feeling. If you didn't add me as a friend yet, please do. You seem very nice. :) Take care & Happy Friday to you...I'm on here alot during the day at work ;)
    Your welcome. Oh thx I will try that now, hope I don't do it wrong and get hit on the head by goofy or something. thx so much.
    When's your next trip to WDW?
    Hey there...ya my brother and I look for them all the time its alot of fun have you found any interesting ones or ones that are very hidden cause i document all the ones we find
    Hi there !, thx for the friend add.... :) I've just actually joined today, I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to post a thread?
    Hey friend!! Did you change your ressies for the Poly yet? I have yet to stay there - I hope to do so soon! It looks amazing!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!
    and thank YOU for accepting :) I always seem to agree with what you have to say on the boards -- plus I needed to befriend a Yankees fan to keep things interesting :)
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