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  • I went to apply the Disney Store and I bet Wilt Dasney I will get that Job! But First to have the interview very soon! And I try my best to be a good worker!
    I hope to have some discounts for the passes for disney world! I will get this job! Thanks WiltDasney for giving me luck for the job in the Disney Store!
    me too! Wilt Dasney! OH! Guess what Dasney! I'm going a get a job in the Disneystore in Miami Florida! I can't wait to get it when I finished the interview! Wish me good Luck to get this job in Dadeland Mall In Miami Florida!
    I had to have my lungs surgically re-installed after the first couple of times I went running, too!

    it gets better . . . and can even give you a good feeling. I hope you decide to try one of the Disney runs sometime. The bling is pretty awesome. I don't plan on telling anyone they give you that just for finishing! :lol:
    shout out for my ATL homey . . . don't let the politics consume all. :lol: how's the running coming?
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