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I know this has been said, but flash photography on rides - i know it's banned on some rides, but I wish they could find a way to enforce it (I know impossible, right???). It seems like every time I'm on POC or SE, there's a flash going off every 10 seconds. I have a few horror stories like the one time a lady was turning around and a flash was going off in my face every 3 seconds on POC. But it happens far too often and ruins the experience.

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I have a somewhat different perspective, and forget that others do not. I've watched some of these thread deteriorate into nasty arguments multiple times over the past 16 years. So even though the OP may not have had any intention of kicking a hornet's nest, it may eventually bring them out. ;)

And yes, any thread can deteriorate into a free for all around here. There are just some topics that have a history of getting there quickly. Some get there so quickly that they aren't allowed. Other are allowed, but I know that I might have to step in sooner or later. Hence my comment. I'm not saying I will ban these topics (except for the ones that will definitely cause an argument within the first few posts because of past history) but wish I could.

I'm also not saying that my opinion is right and others are wrong, nor do I wish to try to convince anyone to share it. I'm just putting it out there, and giving a reason for it. Which others probably don't share; I don't take their opposition as a personal attack. ;)


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To be honest, I'd ban alcohol in the parks too.

I disagree with the basis of your statement, but I did agree with many of your arguments. An evening in Epcot just wouldn't be the same without a couple glasses of wine with dinner followed by a tasty martini or 3 from the Rose & Crown. But then I'm a very happy person when I'm pickled, and as far as I know don't negatively impact anyone.

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I disagree with the basis of your statement, but I did agree with many of your arguments. An evening in Epcot just wouldn't be the same without a couple glasses of wine with dinner followed by a tasty martini or 3 from the Rose & Crown. But then I'm a very happy person when I'm pickled, and as far as I know don't negatively impact anyone.
I hear you on a nice evening with some drinks, but you're probably very well suited to handle that privilege.

It is unfortunate that acting like an idiot doesn't mix well with a large crowd. Those couple glasses of wine for you can turn into 6 or 7 for an unruly few and can really detract from a family experience.

Disney is still a family place first, which I know Disney believes too. They don't sell alcohol because they think it mixes well with family; they sell it to make money.
With WDW now banning selfie-sticks from their parks.........what ONE thing would you want to ban if you could?

I'd start with a ban on smoking altogether on-property. Having "designated" places simply doesn't work as people will light up where-ever they feel like anyway, and then track around that foul smell all over the place.

Strollers....strollers and strollers


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People that dress like slobs... Wear proper fitting clothes and shoes.

When Disney World/Land opened, people took pride in how they looked when visiting. Now people look like disgusting slobs.


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Funky people that don't use deodorant. Not sure how they would enforce it, but I'd like to see it done.

They could make it like the body scanners at the airports, or the spray tan units... Step in, feet shoulder width apart please. Place your hands over your head and make the diamond shape with your fingers, close your eyes and BAM... you've just been AXE'd... hahahahaha


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1) Strollers...
2) Personal scooters...
3) Babies and any kids under the age of 3 (including the parents that think an amusement park is a great place to bring an infant in the middle of July)...
4) Adults that do meet and greets and the proceed to carry on a conversation with the person in the pooh suit or princess dress, not because they are trying to create a moment for their kids as they have no kids with them - but simply because they apparently are a few bricks short of a load...
5) anyone that thinks a tablet or phone is a video camera (hint, I don't go to see a show so I can look at your tablet or phone being held up in front of me so you can get bad video that you'll probably never even watch)...
6) clueless dolts using a handicapped person to avoid lines...
7) all handicap parking (sorry but in my park you have no scooter so that means you're going to be walking and if you can't walk from your car to the transport tram why in the world are here in the first place.... Oh that's right because in most cases the handicapped person isn't even there its just their hang tag that someone decided to borrow so they could park closer).
8) anyone that photobombs
9) anyone that even thinks about jumping a line, holding a spot in the line for someone else (including parents that seem to be trying to give the Duggars a run for their money by having one parent stand in line before a dozen supposed offspring show up right as they approach the end of the line... Not to those people, some of us look at the length of the line to determine the approximate wait time and don't need someone bringing a platoon at the last minute.)
10) anyone that uses a flash or camera with a light up rear display that could pass as a lighthouse, Call me crazy but I'd like to see Peter Pan the way it was intended and those super bright displays showing me the wires and machines behind the magic... well they just spoil it.

Hmm... Now if I get rid of those people I think the park would be pretty much fine... but then I'm not sure there would be enough visitors to keep Disney going.


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I mean, come on, you're gonna go to Oktoberfest and find out they're only serving Pepsi? You're not going to drink at least 2 margaritas in Mexico? The pub in England only serves tea? No wine in Italy? Noooo Sake?!


I can haz Lights of Winter?
Douchebaggery and perceived self entitlement. Actually... these can both be banned in the real world as well.


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I love people watching at wdw, but I find it highly annoying when you get groups (mostly out of the U.S.) chanting while on lines. Very annoying, loud and obnoxious.


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How about a big sign right out front that reads something like:

Welcome to (insert park name here). May we magically remind you that your world view, while as valid and as real as sunshine (and maybe even tofu) is NOT particularly the ONLY world view out there. In fact, we are willing to bet on it. Keeping that in mind, and hopefully other stuff too, the ONE thing we wish to leave at the door is your rudeness. Not saying you ARE rude, but things do happen, what with the intense heat, high prices, and national snobbery and the like. So please, just a reminder, no rudeness at all. Mmkay?

Disclaimer: If you do find it somewhat impossible (within reason, of course) to leave behind anything you feel you are entitled to, we have security lockers (for a diminutive fee....well, at least compared to everything else) for your (and our) convenience. They are located a mere scooter ride away, and to the right. You can't miss 'em.

EDIT: forgot to mention what I'd ACTUALLY ban....Acronyms....can't stand them.
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