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  • Hi Mom, hope you're well,you've probably forgotten all about now, anyway Trish, the boys and I are on our way to WDW in 7 days. Can't wait, take care
    Hi Marcia! I'm making my rounds saying 'hi' to everyone I've missed. Hope all is well for you?
    Hey, "The"

    regarding that Todd Fulwood post, I noticed that you deleted his reservation number, but the 3rd post down quotes his OP entirely, including his number, and I didn't know if you'd want to edit it out of there, too. Again, it seems more like he's fishing for some kind of help but just in case he's on the up and up and just woefully ignorant about how to get help, no sense him getting his identity stolen.

    aka slappy magoo
    Hi Mom!
    Could you please direct me to the appropriate forum? My military friends have just decided to jet to WDW for a week with a six yr. old and a nine yr. old...they haven't planned...does anyone have a CLIFF Notes version of THE WORLD to share?
    DD gets to head out to San Fran. tomorrow for the Pac-10 regatta :sohappy:
    Strange course in Redwood City as only two boats can race at a time. Yea for road trips!
    hiya Marcia... daughter was accepted to Vassar....but we're not sure about financial aid yet.

    She was accepted Syracuse and got a $30,000 scholarship. I think she wants to go there cuz of the commercial art programs are suppose to be the best in the country.

    Still waiting to hear from several other schools. She applied to 14 schools but only heard from two so far and both accepted her.

    Joe Berg...LOL...I'll get back to ya on that one after I read about it.

    I'm going to Washington DC this summer to get some sort of medal for my service in Vietnam. Someone submitted my name along with some events that took place some 40 years ago... I don't know if I'll meet President God while I'm there....I hope so cuz I want to tell him to stay the hell out of my wallet.

    Talk to ya soon...I really miss everyone...please say hello to everyone. flies. My daughter is going to college in September. Looks like Vassar...looks like a lot of money.

    I'm doing pretty good. I am loving being back in California! The weather is beautiful and Grad school is going very well.

    Todd and I broke up about a year ago - partially due to the fact I was moving and partially cause he was never going to be ready to commit. But I'm dating a guy I knew in HS and he's amazing. The bad thing - he lives up where I'm from and I'm living down in LA again! But he's coming down this week and I went up there a couple times in Jan so we are working on making it work!

    You can also keep in touch w/me via my new blog (I needed to start writing again so here it is LOL)

    I miss you guys! But I'm scared to post cause I know I won't know ANYONE lol.
    Yes ma'am! That's my fiance and I. Good to "see" you too and so many other familiar fac...errr avatars! :)
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