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  • DH LOVES his Evo! He actually likes the screen (which I guess is a little larger than the iPhone?). I hope you're able to get yours soon!
    While I'd love to have one too, we are hoping to buy a netbook this summer. I'd feel guilty getting both!
    I like your response in certain threads. :lookaroun :lol:

    See that Jeff Kurtti joined D64? I posted it in the thread on here! :D
    Heeeeyooooo Jer!

    I forgot to tell you earlier... I'm currently addicted to these:
    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :) Can't wait for you to come and hang with us at WDW! Be sure to make time to go out later in the night - Orlando is a lot of fun.....Heh heh :lol:
    You don't understand what it's like working with actors, that's what that is. That's what that is man, I'm telling you. I'm not asking, I'm telling you. You wouldn't have done that otherwise.
    Yeah, I know...

    It's just what with Money being so tight right now and SO many Geek things to buy coming up, I have to pick my spendings very carefully. Plus It's not like you guys are dead to me, we can still talk for free.

    No problem. I was just having fun. It seems like we all quit using our magicspace pages. :D
    Do you have a Moe's near you? Ate at one yesterday. Personally, I prefer Chipotle better but that may have a lot do with the fact that the taco preparation lady (Hispanic) suddenly didn't understand English (despite conversing with me effortlessly mere seconds before) when I asked for a new tortilla on one of my tacos. It was falling apart, ripped,etc. and she was using all her energy to smooth it out into a normal tortilla looking shape before scooping goodies into it. I let it drop and ate it with a fork.
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