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Soarin' Expansion and new Soarin' Around the World film


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It will be interesting to see. I was hoping to catch Soarin one more time before the closure as I haven't ridden since 2012 and we arrive January 5th for marathon weekend.
I agree. I was very happy that I saw Soarin' multiple on my last trip including one that only had a 10 to 15 minute waiting time.

I did notice on my last trip WDW that Test Track didn't always open at 9:00, but opened later in the day. That could screw up Epcot before World Showcase opens up at 11:00 without counting International Gateway, the France Bakery, and the Akershus Royal Banquet.


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I really don't understand why a 6 month refurb is needed. It makes no sense to me.

I agree open up the new theater with and connect the queues..then close down one at a time and bring up with the new. Guess it's time for some maintenance though

So does "summer" mean not in May?


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The world will survive, surprisingly. They took Test Track down for 9 months and somehow Epcot survived.

Not changing our plans, just a bummer as we are going with our daughter and son-in-law and this is his first visit. Already have Splash Mountain down and not sure what else they will close down as we get closer to the date. In any case, we will have fun.


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Nobody's more disappointed than this guy...


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I've never understood the enthusiasm for Soarin'. I've ridden it once, and was unimpressed. The film is really grainy. The whole thing seemed kinda lame. Maybe the refurb will help?

Same here, but everyone I know seems to love the thing. The only part I really appreciate is the "launch".
Perhaps if I had ridden it before 2012, when the film was already horribly compromised, I wouldn't have such a lukewarm opinion of it.
Digital projection should help a lot.


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I really don't understand why a 6 month refurb is needed. It makes no sense to me.
There is more than a 3rd theater, new film, and new projectors coming for the amount of time.

There is going to be configuration change of the restrooms and the bathrooms will be bigger as a result. The changes to the bathroom actually could cause entrance changes to Soarin'. The bathroom changes actually would cause the Soarin' desk to be removed.


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Looks like I will miss it as well when I am down in May, but it will be nice to get a new film. Will be looking forward to it come my 2017 trip.

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