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Soarin' Expansion and new Soarin' Around the World film


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I'm in the, I miss the old Soarin group. I think the music makes a bigger impact than anything. The new score is a reminder of how great the old one was and that's all I can think about while riding it. I do like the music during the Eiffel Tower segment... even if the tower is bent.


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If you look at Flight of Passage or the newer Brogent i-Rides (Project V, FlyOver America), you'll notice that the benches are not parallel like on Soarin'. Instead the seats are angled to better position more of the riders.

I rode Fuji Airway at Fuji-Q Highland last week and I was knocked off my feet. I had seen this online video of the original film on the ride:
Next, I rode it and it was very different as they reshot many features in 6K quality and even added some references to a nearby attraction in the park. Add an impressive storm scene and it was amazing! What's even more remarkable is that Brogent squeezed the ride in an existing building and for that reason, it has 4 10 passenger wings. The theme is that you're taking a risky flight on a new tour jet where you sit on the wings of the airplane to see Mount Fuji.

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