1. Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

    Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

    Admittedly, I actually found myself enjoying this ride, but did you know who liked this more than I did, my parents
  2. jlucy

    Can I permanently work at WDW from the UK?

    HI EVERYONE!!! - I'm new here.. Please only kind answers. IS there any way I can apply to WDW for a permanent Job role? I know there are Disney College Programs etc however, I am a single Mother to a 7-year-old. So for me, I can not up-route for a year and then come back to England. And it has...
  3. E

    Hi from former CM and Autistic mom!

    Hello forums! I’m new here and looking for any advice people have on how to make an efficient trip to MK, Epcot and Studios. Im a former cast member— I was a Skipper on the JUNGLE CRUISE a long long time ago ;) My son and I are both Autistic, and we both struggle with intense waiting anxiety...
  4. Posing with Minnie

    Posing with Minnie

    After seven days and over 38 characters met, Minnie Mouse was the final character on my 2016 vacation, also my last autograph of the 2016 trip as well.
  5. Hugging Minnie Mouse

    Hugging Minnie Mouse

    She was the last of the three characters that you can see in the 2013 version of Epcot's Character Spot.
  6. Goofy Pictures

    Goofy Pictures

    Smile for the Goof-ster! here at the Epcot Character Spot(left side)
  7. Rockin it out like Goofy's son Max

    Rockin it out like Goofy's son Max

    I told him how his son, Max was. though character movement, he was jamming with his guitar.
  8. Hugging Goofy

    Hugging Goofy

    After meeting Mickey is his good pal, Goofy. GAWRSH, *does Goofy laugh*
  9. Meeting Mickey Mouse

    Meeting Mickey Mouse

    Then we said cheese for the big cheese himself, and then moved on to see Goofy!
  10. Singing the Mickey Mouse Club March with Mickey

    Singing the Mickey Mouse Club March with Mickey

    My head decided that I would sing the Mickey Mouse Club March to Mickey Mouse himself, everybody loved my singing of that famous(but sadly forgotten tune).
  11. Hugging the Big Cheese himself

    Hugging the Big Cheese himself

    Mickey Mouse! at Character Spot(btw, these brilliant cast members are taking these photos now), they downsized it from five to three characters(who are of course, Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie)
  12. Dale at Garden Grill

    Dale at Garden Grill

    The last of our four friends to come at our early Thanksgiving fest was Dale.
  13. Pluto at Garden Grill

    Pluto at Garden Grill

    After Mickey was his dog, Pluto. He is such a good doggie(of course, he is)
  14. Mickey Mouse at Garden Grill

    Mickey Mouse at Garden Grill

    Next was Mickey Mouse in his farmers clothes, We would never ever have a Disney trip without meeting their most famous character, Mickey Mouse!
  15. Chip at Garden Grill

    Chip at Garden Grill

    My parents had a last minute reservation at Garden Grill, so we had our Thanksgiving-like dinner at Disney. Chip was the first of four friends who came to see us.
  16. Kim Possible's World Showcase Adventure(2011)

    Kim Possible's World Showcase Adventure(2011)

    This is now the Phineas and Ferb Agent P's World Showcase Adventure game. Before that Kim Possible had the duties to host a game all over World Showcase.
  17. Sandwiches(2011)


    That was our lunch when me and mom had our own World Showcase adventure, it was taken in the France pavilion, while dad and sisters went to Universal to check out Harry Potter(kinda spoiler alert)
  18. My Neighbor Totoro(2011)

    My Neighbor Totoro(2011)

    This was taken in that awesome gift shop called Mitsukoshi in the Japan pavilion, it's awesome because it sells a ton of Japanese merchandise from everybody's favorite pop culture franchises from Pokemon to Studio Ghibi(they even sell their movies too)
  19. Remy(2011)


    This was before the big annoucement of Ratatouille's new attraction this year, aside from merch and character meets from when the movie came out in theaters. Ratatouille had little to no presence in the American Disney parks.
  20. Aladdin and Jasmine(2011)

    Aladdin and Jasmine(2011)

    They were over in Morocco, this was my first time meeting the title character from Disney's classic film on that trip. They're probably the best duo of face characters you can meet(who meet on a regular basis). They loved my Mater ear hat.
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