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  • Your video on the American Adventure is by far my favorite of your collection. But I wanted to ask you if any videos exist that show more of the show downstairs?

    Regardless, thank you very much for the incredible video.

    (My favorite part was the graphic that describes the carriage's progress during the show.)
    I created a thread in the wdw secrets forum regarding technical detail on wire guided ride systems.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you never visited that forum. So I thought I might invite you to have a look at the thread. If you have any relevant information or corrections, I would sincerely appreciate reading them.

    Thank you very much for your time.
    huge fan, good sir... for multiple reasons.
    welcome to Orlando - truly hope you have a wonderful trip!
    Glad all is well with you. So sorry to hear of the tragic event at the concert. I know I speak for all of those from Boston, we support your town! Manchester Strong!!!!!!!
    Hey! Long time no post. I've been watching a lot of your tribute videos lately and was wondering if you were planning on doing one for Pandora/Camp Minnie - Mickey/Beastly Kingdom? If not currently, I would find that one to be a fascinating entry...
    With people with dedication, like yourself, myself, and the many many others on this site, one day if we focus and direct our efforts correctly, we can get the board to focus on providing such an honorable purpose, as they once did.
    If only the company can get itself in gear today, to create and build with such a necessary purpose, and utilizing such ultra modern technology and architecture, as they once did when they first created Epcot and Spaceship Earth.
    Hi Martin. First of all thank you for all the information you provide, especially considering it's most often in flux. Just wondering if you'd be willing and/or able to divulge whether Universe of Energy will be open in the last week of August? We're hoping to pay our respects. Needless to say I understand if you can't comment. Thanks and all the best.
    Thank you @yeti I wish I knew. I'm after a date to ensure I have the building fully documented beforehand but I can't get a definitive date.
    Likes: yeti
    Very good. Thanks again!
    Hey Martin just got a YouTube notification for your Frozen Ever After video. Looking forward to watching. I'm sure it's excellent like the rest of your work!
    Hey Martin, just wondering, would you have clean versions of the male Illuminations announcements (30, 15, 10, 5..)? I'm putting together a CD for my wife for Christmas of the preshow loops and would absolutely love to insert those at the appropriate times. If not, do you know an easy way to get them? I have no idea how to torrent.

    Thanks, Justin
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