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  • Hello MKCP 1985. I was also an intern in the summer of 1985 at Snow White Village. I worked at 20k. I would love to get in touch with a few more of the great people I met back then. I stay in touch with about 5 or 6 to this day. Is there a list or fb page or other way to communicate with our classmates?
    MKCP 1985
    MKCP 1985
    There is a Facebook group for CP alumni. That’s the only group I know.
    Ahh... Spectro Chip and Dale! That is AWESOME. I'm going to be stalking the running thread to see all the great character pictures. I so wish we would've been there. I hope you enjoyed the run, I look forward to hearing about the course. Congrats!
    Yea, if I can wait that long to go back. I hope to start my training again soon. I have had to put it off for about a month after this past years race due to health concerns, but I think I can find some motivation for training again. Hahahaha. What resort you thinking about staying at?
    Nope, Sorry ! I have been lurking around for a number of years, but as you can see, I haven't had much to say.
    Yeah... I saw that. Oh well. At least it wasn't too much hassle for me, considering all the photos are already in my photobucket account because I posted them in trip reports. As for not being all negative "out there," I'm totally with you on that front. I tend to stay far far away from the many negative threads and I do my best not to provoke, because it really isn't worth it.

    Totally unrelated topic... are you on the quest for Hades this year? By my calculations, mileage should be ramping up here in the next couple weeks!!
    I smile every time I see your signature line, as that is one of my favorite songs - well, a version of it!
    YES we can! (As long as it's not mine... :lol: )

    Thank you for your incredible message on facebook, Doug. It really touched me and was really needed. :kiss:
    Hello! I lived at Snow White Village May thru August of 1985. Unit 34C to be exact. Your parking pass brought back memories. Where did you work that summer? Have there ever been any reunions for our class? Thanks. Just wondering.
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