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MKCP 1985
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  • I see everyone has noticed Big Cat Daddy :p

    Ladies, I've seen him in person...he's just as cute :lookaroun
    First of all, it's OH-IO!! :p

    And secondly... no, they don't :( We're within a year til I (might) get to go again though :sohappy: :lol: :lookaroun (Is that what they call grasping at straws? Or something?)
    Hey :wave:

    I'm debating on that one....but think as I will be going down on parents weekend (end of Sept, so will probably miss the Disney Celebrations meet) and in Nov. for the Carolina game....don't know if I can swing it. Will have representatives there in any case!

    Have a great weekend!
    We went on one to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel in 2004 and LOVED it..I think a Disney one will be in the near future..:)

    The weather is great for Jazz fest today and this weekend...we are off to a wedding in Lake Charles this weekend or we would so go..:)
    Ooo, a PICTURE!? :slurp: Heyyyy Doug. How YOU doin? Thanks for your message this morning. It totally made me smile from ear to ear. :kiss:
    We could always start one in here!
    I may want to be caught though..;)

    You have a great may Day also..and I am sure this will be a good one..:)
    Yup! I'm in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

    Thanks for making me smile Doug. You rock! :D :kiss:
    I'm good! Good for you for getting in shape! $39 is a cheap flight! Too bad I don't like flying because that is a heck of a lot cheaper than driving there!!
    Welcome to the profile of MKCP 1985. I came to wdwmagic looking for information on the soon to open Mission: Space and haven't left yet! :lol:
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