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  • I found some diary notes from the summer of 85. The other guy from my trailer was Julius Bell. So, did you know any of them? And how about you - where did you work and who did you live with?
    Were you a Diz Kid? ha ha No reunions that i know of, but I was food and beverage - Main Street North, so worked Coke Corner, the Ice Cream shop and outdoor foods. How about you?

    My trailer mates: 2 were Magic Kingdom parking/trams (Rich and Rusty), 1 skippered the Epcot friendship boats (Jack), 1 worked Frontierland attractions (Eric), 1 was Epcot attractions - the Land (John? - Western Ken) 1 drove the double decker buses around Epcot and later moved into Mexico, although he wasn't Mexican (Mark) , and the last worked in central food processing (oh wow, can't remember his name). Wow, I can't believe I remembered all that.
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