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  • Hey!!! We had a wonderful time!!! It's hard to be home. lol Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. It's been nice, yet hectic (gotta catch up from vacation). Back to the grind. bleh . lol I hope that you've had a nice weekend. :)
    Hi Doug!

    The course started in the Imagination parking lot then we went around the backside and came in beside test Track. From there we went on towards the Fountain then around WS and out through the main entrance. I forgot to take my bottle with me. Big mistake!
    Hi Dana!
    I just noticed this place needs a little something else.
    *installs a pole and strobe light*
    Now then, how YOU doin?
    Man... You know what this page needs my love?

    Some cheesy, cheap, girly, glittery graphics with an even cheaper adult beverage included. :lookaroun
    Why Gamma Phi Beta my dear Doug. :D

    We're the oldest sorority and the term sorority was even coined back in the 1800's to describe one of our oldest chapters!

    Are you Greek as well?
    I haven't been out since I went right after a snowfall a few months ago and ended up bedridden for 3 days. Yeah, too easily dissuaded. :lol: I have been trying to eat better, steps, ya know?

    Where did you get the idea that I occasionally follow politics? :lookaroun
    I heard thunder once this morning but I was sleeping pretty soundly...usually if I hear thunder I am up in a heartbeat checking the Weather Channel. I guess I was tired...:lol:
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